The house of a pet owner is a whole different animal compared to a pet-free home (excuse the pun!). When it comes to decorating and organizing, furry friends take centre stage. Safety and well-being are top priorities, making certain precautions a must to keep your house pet-tastic.

Let’s get creative with pet-proofing – rearranging furniture to keep them away from sharp edges? Check! No jumping from one area to another, fur babies. And cords and wires? Keep them out of reach, or risk a shocking experience. Safety first, folks.

Today, we’ve compiled five tips for those who wish to pet-proof their homes this year!

Wash Clothes Differently

Ever thought about pet-friendly laundry liquid? It’s not just a fancy term, it’s a game-changer. While your regular detergent might do the job for your clothes, it’s not exactly pet-safe. Imagine the horror of skin irritation and health issues for your furry friends.

But fear not! Opt for a pet-friendly laundry liquid instead. It’s gentle on the skin, hypoallergenic, and even plant-based. A win-win situation for you and your adorable companions.

Be Cautious with Plants

Plants can bring some pizzazz to your home, but for pet owners, it’s important to make sure they’re not a botanical booby trap. Our furry friends have a knack for sampling the greenery, and we certainly don’t want their snacking to turn into an unexpected vet adventure.

So, before welcoming a new plant, do some online sleuthing or consult a veterinarian to avoid any toxic surprises. Safety first, furballs.

Tuck Away Fragrances

We all love our perfumes, candles, and diffusers that make our homes smell nice. However, these scented products can be dangerous for pets if ingested or inhaled excessively. Be mindful of where you place these items – keep them out of reach from your curious animals. Also, when using essential oils, make sure they are pet-safe and diluted properly.

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Store Away Cleaning Supplies

Being responsible pet owners, we know accidents are inevitable. Our furry friends may leave a mess on the floor at some point. When it’s time for clean-up, choose your pet-cleaning products wisely to avoid any “pawsitively” messy situations.

Don’t let your furry friends become chemistry enthusiasts. Some household cleaning supplies might have ingredients that are no good for their taste buds and can cause health issues. Keep those sneaky chemicals locked away in a cabinet or closet to avoid any accidental animal experiments.

Invest in Durable Furniture

Pets can be rough on furniture, especially when they are teething or feeling playful. To avoid any tears or scratches on your precious couch, consider investing in durable and pet-friendly furniture. Leather is a great option as it’s easy to clean and doesn’t attract fur as much as other materials. You can also use slipcovers or throws to protect your furniture from any accidents.

Discover our top five tips for creating a pet-friendly home and ensuring the safety of your furry companions. As cherished members of the family, it is of utmost importance to take necessary precautions to protect their well-being within our living spaces. Happy pet-proofing!

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