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Many new players in Genshin Impact and gacha games in general make the mistake of spending their valuable energy/daily resources on things that won’t make their account or characters more powerful. While it’s always up to you how you want to spend this limited resource, we’re here to give you a guide on what you might want to do with it, how to spend it, and what to save the consumables that restore this resource for. Of course, when you’re out of resin you can always buy Genshin top up.

What is Resin

Resin is just Genshin Impact’s name for the daily “Energy” system that most Gacha games have. In Genshin, Resin regenerates at a rate of 1 per 8 minutes, which equates to 180 Resin per day. You can only hold 160, which means that you should always strive to use up at least some of it so that it can regenerate properly and so you don’t waste any.

Resin Uses

We’ll discuss some uses for Resin and explain each activity briefly here. 

  • Character ascension materials – Characters can ascend (uncap levels) at 20/40/50/60/70/80. To ascend, they need materials from open-world bosses like Regisvines. You need 40 Resin to claim rewards from these bosses
  • Talent Level materials – Every character has talents: Regular Attacks/Skill/Burst. Each of these requires different materials which are obtained from Domains of Mastery and each run requires 20 Resin to claim rewards.
  • Artifact Farm – Artifacts are your “Equipment” so to speak. One of the most important aspects of powering up your characters in Genshin, and they drop from Artifact domains with random stats. You need 20 Resin to claim rewards from these domains.
  • Weapon ascension materials – Just like character levels have caps that you need to go through, so do the weapons in Genshin. They require different kinds of materials. These drop from similar dungeons as character talent materials do, and likewise need 20 resin to claim
  • Trounce Domains – these domains reward you with unique materials that are required for higher-level character talents, weapon blueprints/billets, and other useful materials. The first time you do these each week you need 30 Resin, but after that you need 60
  • Ley-Line Outcrops – Last, and definitely least, Ley-Line Outcrops are challenges that you can do indefinitely but require 20 Resin to claim. These reward either Exp books (Blue LeyLines) or Mora (Money) (Gold LeyLines). Resin should almost never be used on these as you should get enough of both of these resources through simply playing the game
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Fragile Resin

Fragile Resin is one of the most important items you will get in Genshin Impact as it restores 60 Resin. As we’ve seen, Resin is used for just about all aspects of powering up your characters whether it be through ascension, leveling their talents, their weapons, or their artifacts. As such, it’s imperative that you save this resource until you’re at world level 8 because that’s when you will receive the most rewards from each of the activities we previously mentioned. Once you’re out of both original and fragile resin, you can still use Primogems to buy Resin, but if you’re a free player, we advise against it. However, if you browse Genshin shop you can advance your account a bit faster.

Note: There’s a daily limit to how much Primogems you can spend on Resin as well

Condensed Resin

To cap this guide off – Condensed Resin can be made from 40 Original Resin and 1 Crystalcore. This item acts as a time-saver. You can use this to claim double the rewards from Domain activities (Artifacts, Talents, Ascension materials).

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