According to reports released late last year, more than two million couples get married each year in the United States. Each of these couples must choose a venue for their wedding to name only one of the many decisions they have to make before the actual ceremony takes place. In many cases, couples choose venues in or near their hometowns. They may pick a church, a local banquet hall, a park, or another venue that appeals to them.

Stepping Outside the Box for a Wedding Venue

Couples sometimes choose wedding venues that have special meanings for them. Other times, they may choose places of extravagance with images of an elegant, lavish wedding with all the frills. In fact, destination weddings have become popular for just that reason. People who want to step outside the box for their ceremonies also step outside their hometowns for venues.

With thoughts of grandeur in mind, they may choose a beautiful castle. They may lean toward a grand cathedral from the days of old. Some may find an elegant chateau in which to hold their wedding ceremony. In truth, though, having a lovely, memorable wedding doesn’t necessarily have to include an ornately adorned building. Nature itself can provide some of the most breathtaking backdrops imaginable for a wedding. Having a Mountain Destination Wedding near Asheville NC is a prime example.

Different Scenery for Different Seasons

In the North Carolina mountains, you’ll find an array of scenic beauty to draw from. Summer’s lush greenery surrounds you with vibrance and life. Pines and firs tower around you with birch, buckeye, red maple, and beech trees mingling among them. Warm breezes rustle around you, cooling the summer heat and humidity to perfectly comfortable levels. Depending on where you hold your ceremony, you may even hear the gentle hum of a creek or river in the background.

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Autumn is a particularly beautiful time of year to have a destination wedding in the North Carolina mountains. Though the evergreens maintain their perpetual emerald hues, the other trees explode into a potpourri of brilliant colours. Cool air surrounds you as the fading heat of summer leaves just the faintest traces of humidity in the air. All that brilliance is short-lived, though, so if you want it as a backdrop for your wedding, timing is everything.

Winter weddings can be just as beautiful in the mountains near Asheville. Being part of the South, winters can be a bit unpredictable in Asheville. Still, some years produce wonderful, crisp snowfalls that make the world around you feel fresher and cleaner than you could ever imagine. Granted, winter weddings in the mountains can be chilly experiences. Anyone who’s ever dreamed of a snowy ceremony would revel in it, though.

Spring weddings are amazing in the North Carolina mountains as well. Trees are budding, giving off hints of their young green leaves. They’re not as deep as the leaves of summer, but they’re certainly beautiful. In certain areas, you’ll find carpets of wildflowers on which to say your vows with surrounding trees and distant mountain peaks rising in the background.

Mountain Weddings to Remember

Although many people might think of churches, castles, banquet halls, and other venues for their weddings, those certainly aren’t the only options. Mother Nature offers some of the best venues available, and the North Carolina mountains are among them. No matter which seasons you choose for your ceremony, you’re sure to have a memorable wedding surrounded by incredible beauty.

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