When Joseline Cabaret first premiered in January 2020, it was an instant hit. It captivated viewers with its storyline of a group of dancers at a cabaret.

Chanel and Lexi Blow return this season as the cabaret captains alongside ten new cast members. They include New Jersey’s Jordan Monroe, ReRe, Denver’s Lollipop, Tennessee’s Gaia Love, Henny from Brooklyn, and Atlanta’s K. Kapri.

Amber Ali

The cast of Joseline Cabaret Season 3 has a lot of drama and is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The show features Joseline Hernandez and her fiance, rapper Ballistic Beats, as well as several other famous celebrities.

The series also stars dancers Daisy, Chazzity, Lucky, Sapphire, Henny, Lollipop, and BossTec. The girls will compete in various competitions and fight to earn the title of cabaret captain.

During the first episode, a brawl between Wet Wet and Raven breaks out. Joseline becomes furious and threatens to kick them out of the lounge if they do it again. She then selects Lexi, Jordan, Henny, and Re Re O’Dell to join her cabaret.


The show features a variety of dancers from across the United States, including Daisy from Miami, Lucky Hu$tla from Atlanta, Mz Natural from Detroit, and Yummie P from Houston. The girls compete in a series of challenges and showcase their moves during live performances.

Despite the fact that she hasn’t been on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Lollipop has made a name for herself in Joseline Cabaret by fighting with other cast members and claiming that she sabotage others’ performance. She’s also had issues with her co-dancers, particularly Kapri and Raven who fight over her and call her the ultimate racist slur nigga.

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The third season of Joseline Cabaret features a whole new cast. The series is set in a mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, and follows Joseline Hernandez as she attempts to launch her cabaret show again. This time around, the show also incorporates a reality competition element.

The show premiered in January 2020 on the Zeus Network and stars Joseline Hernandez as a stripper who tries to launch her cabaret. It also features a group of girls who live in the same house with Joseline and her fiance, Balistic Beats.

Some of the girls include Ms Wet Wet, Henny, and Lexi Blow. They all fight each other and make a lot of drama.


This season of Joseline Cabaret features several new cast members. In addition to the returning favorites, this season introduces a host of new dancers. They include Mz Natural, Lexi Blow, Lucky, and Yummie P.

The girls are all from different backgrounds and come to the mansion with their own problems. Their fights and misunderstandings often lead to physical confrontations. One of the most notable fights involved Henny vs. Gaia.

While the show is centered around Joseline, many of the cast members have their own careers and issues to deal with. This reality show is sure to deliver plenty of drama and excitement for fans. For more information, visit techbusinesstown.


The show follows the life of a former stripper as she works to build her career. The cast includes a number of familiar faces, including Ambler Ali, Ms Wet, and Henny. Joseline has a large fan base, and her witty retorts are popular among viewers.

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The first season of the show was set in G5ive Miami, Joseline’s old haunt. The girls lived in a mansion and worked at various clubs and strip clubs. Daisy, Lucky Hustla, Mz Natural, and Yummy P were all featured in the first season of the show.

In the story, two dancers with light skin tones make derogatory remarks about their colleagues with darker complexions. This leads to a series of arguments and fights.


The cast of Joseline Cabaret Season 3 consists of Chanel, Lexi Blow, ReRe, Lollipop, Amber, Jordan, Henny and Wet Wet. The girls are competing to make the cabaret lineup. They fight and argue constantly with each other. They also have some sexual encounters.

In this episode, Gaia shows off her bushy “wolf coochie” during a performance for Joseline. Later, Gaia has a religious meltdown. She is also ganged up on by the other girls. This causes her to quit the show. She also says that she doesn’t want to fight. She wants a sisterhood instead. She is also worried about the safety of her friends.

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