Due to the increase in remote working, startups or digital nomads there’s an increasing demand for office spaces that are affordable that offer leases for short periods. This has led the need for flexible solutions in office space such as seats leases and space for coworking that have been an important factor in the workplace industry.

Seat leasing services have been in existence for quite some time, aiding startups to set the first office, as well as helping big corporations move into new offices. However, the coworking phenomenon has seen a recent increase in popularity.

According to the most recent survey it is estimated that there are 13800 coworking spaces that are active around the world and a further 2500 spaces anticipated to join. At the end of the year, more than a million users will have worked in these coworking locations.

The rapid growth of coworking space can be explained by more than only the need for temporary office solutions. These coworking spaces offer a myriad of benefits that are appealing enough for freelancers and young professionals such as stable internet connectivity as well as well-designed private and shared desks, conference rooms and free coffee.

As coworking spaces are appearing everywhere selecting the ideal one can be a difficult task. In a sea of attractive locations, here are some essential factors to consider in determining the perfect workplace.

1. Compare Your Needs to. Needs

Before you make any decision examine the current resources you have and your team’s requirements. Think about what size you would like for your group and whether you need seats for general use or specialized desks, and also the length of the lease. Examine the terms and conditions that coworking spaces may offer.

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Also, consider the way a coworking space could aid your business and help to achieve your objectives. You must distinguish between your basic requirements and your wishes. Consider your priorities when choosing an area that meets your requirements and desires.

2. Choose the Right Location

The location of the workspace is crucial when choosing the ideal space. Be sure the space is easily accessible for your clients and staff providing an enjoyable or at the very least good commute. You can make a list of desirable places to work and look into coworking spaces in those areas. Think about cities with central locations like Mandaluyong, Makati, and Ortigas which offer easy accessibility to various forms of transport.

3. Compatibility Matters

To have a productive coworking experience the ability to communicate is crucial. Modern facilities, beautiful interiors, and an excellent atmosphere won’t matter when you and your colleagues aren’t comfortable in the group.

Spaces for coworking thrive off networking and community and it’s vital that the company’s culture is aligned with the existing community of the area you’ve chosen. Different studies have revealed that the relationships between work and the culture of a workplace can significantly affect the overall quality of life for professionals. life.

Find coworking spaces that can fit into your company’s culture easily. Visit the location in person, meet members, and evaluate the degree to which it is in line with your values and needs.

4. Plan for the Future

Take note that what you value most today might differ in the future. Plan your requirements for 2-3 months in the future and be sure to include the flexibility of your contract. In a space which is too small for your team could be a hassle. Be sure to align your plans for the future with your current needs to avoid unnecessary limitations.

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The search for the ideal coworking space to run your business is a daunting job. Each aspect of your requirements should be considered when making the final. Keep in mind that the meetings rooms and desks are a part of observing the results your company will reach.

At the end of the day the choice you make for your coworking space won’t just be a place for you to work but also the background to your path to success. So, start this journey with confidence and faith and know that the ideal coworking space is waiting to be found. One that will inspire, support and be a part of the accomplishments in the coming years.

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