While skilled homeowners can complete some maintenance tasks, others require professional help. Read on to learn several questions to ask when hiring a Handyman in Charlotte, NC.

What’s the Best Way to Find a Reliable Provider in Charlotte NC?

Local handymen recommend asking friends, neighbours, and colleagues for references. Many providers advertise with street signage, online ads, and classifieds, and those are also great places to start the search.

How Do Homeowners Check References?

The Better Business Bureau or BBB is another good source of information on local handymen. When hiring, ask to see their past work and read online reviews for an idea of what to expect. It may seem tedious, but it’s a worthwhile effort on a homeowner’s part.

Is It Better to Hire a Contractor or a Handyman?

Many homeowners use freelance handymen for small jobs that don’t require licenses or permits, but it’s best to know the city or county’s rules before starting. Contractors, on the other hand, already have licenses and can pull permits when needed for larger projects.

What Do Handymen Do?

Local handymen do all the hard work so homeowners don’t have to. They can fix everything from squeaky floors to dripping faucets, do small painting and carpentry jobs, and handle simple electrical repairs, among other tasks.

Do Handymen Charge an Hourly Rate?

Every job is different, and some handymen charge accordingly. Jobs with hidden issues, like water damage, may be charged by the hour. Easier tasks, like installing ceiling fans or light fixtures, may be priced per job. Homeowners should get written quotes before work begins.

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Will A Handyman Offer Referrals if the Job is Too Tough to Tackle?

Honest handymen should be upfront about what they can and can’t do—so they will have no issue referring homeowners to others who can get the job done.

Is It OK to Ask for a Schedule?

Yes! Some jobs may take longer due to their complexity and the need for additional tradespeople, but homeowners have the right to know when their jobs will be completed.

How Can Homeowners Verify a Handyman’s Bond Status?

Before hiring a handyman, ask to see their bond documents. When a provider is bonded, it means they’ve put up money that can be given to consumers in the event of a dispute, with disbursals controlled by the state.

Do Handymen Need Insurance?

Yes, and homeowners are within their rights to ask for proof of coverage. Handymen, like other specialists, must have liability insurance to protect them from on-the-job injuries, property damage, and harm to customers.

What Happens if the Job Doesn’t Go as Planned?

Before work begins, get a list of the tasks to be done. If jobs aren’t completed as written, try to resolve it with the provider before going to the BBB or the courts.

Ask These Questions When Hiring a Handyman

These are just a few questions homeowners should ask when hiring repair providers. By asking them and considering the answers carefully customers can get jobs done without all the hard work.

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