Baby Squirrel Age

Baby Squirrel Age – How To Determine Baby Squirrel Age?

Guessing a baby squirrel’s age is difficult but not impossible. If you find a baby squirrel and you don’t know about their age, there are some experiments that usually scientists do for their research. But those experiments are not for us because we don’t have their techniques for determining any animal’s age. But you can guess age from their physical body appearance. 

What Did Scientists Do For Age Determining?

Scientists use different techniques for knowing the ages of animals. One common thing that scientists often do to determine ages is X-rays. From an x-ray, they can get the current fusion rate and bone growth of a squirrel, and this help scientists to know their current age. The vets also use different techniques, like determining age by weighing eye lenses. So there are many techniques by which vets and scientists determine ages.

You can also determine baby squirrel age by observing these things. They are as follows;

Determining Age by Birth Year

Generally, bulk squirrels are born in the same year. So you can also determine age by their birth year. For intense, in some regions, squirrels are born between March and July. Knowing the exact year and month, you can surely guess their age. 

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Determining Age by Physical Appearance

The growth of every animal or human varies from different stages and from time to time. Like humans, you can easily guess ages by looking at their appearance. Just like in squirrels and other animals, age can also be guessed by a body’s physical appearance. But after two months, there will be difficulty in determining age.

Now we will discuss some body parts of the squirrel by which we can guess their age.

Baby Squirrel Age

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Baby squirrels open their ears around 3 to 4 weeks old. So if you found a baby squirrel whose ears are not open yet, it is confirmed that they are less than a month old. This is a simple way to determine age by observing their ears.


Baby squirrels open their eyes at the age of between one month to 6 weeks. Suppose a baby has opened its eyes, so its age will be around 6 weeks. This is also a plain way to guess their age. 


Like in other animals or humans, squirrels’ teeth grow with age. Squirrels’ lower front incisors don’t grow until they are 3 weeks old, and the upper front incisors start growing within one month. If they have their lower front incisors, they have 3 weeks, and if they have upper front incisors, then they are for one month. So it is a pretty cool way to age determining by teeth.


All squirrel babies are born without hair. When they are around 2 weeks old, their hairs start growing. And in the 3 weeks, their hair began to be around 1mm. After 4 weeks, they have hairs on their fur of around 2mm. This can also be helpful in measuring exact age.

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Is it Essential to Knowing Baby’s Age?  

It depends upon the situation. If you want to feed a baby squirrel and don’t know its age, it will be difficult for you and the baby squirrel. Because their diet also depends upon their age; if you don’t know their age, you can’t properly feed them with their proper diet. So you must know the exact age of the baby squirrel. After knowing the baby’s age, you can easily feed with a proper diet. The wrong diet means a bad effect on growth. Therefore it’s crucial to be sure current age.

How Does Baby Squirrel Look Like After 6 Weeks?

After 6 weeks, a baby squirrel can sit up with his curling tail in the finest squirrel style. They have shaggy tails with covered hair body. Apart from that, baby squirrels are much more active at this age, and like adult squirrels, they also eat more and sleep less.

Baby Squirrel

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1- At what age are squirrels fully grown?

They are fully grown after 10 to 12 weeks. At this age, they are independent and can mother squirrel stop feeding them because now they are not helpless. 

2- At what age do squirrels open their eyes?

Baby squirrels can open their eyes at the age of one month. When they are of 6 weeks, they can explore out of their nest. 

4- How much can we feed a baby squirrel?

You can feed a squirrel baby every 2 hours until the baby is of two weeks. Feed them every 3 hours till their eyes are opened. Feed them every four hours till they stop suckling. 

5- What if we feed baby squirrels too much?

Overeating will let them diarrhea or bloating, which will be lethal for them. So avoid overfeeding.

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Knowing squirrel baby age is essential for those who want to feed them. Why is it essential? Let’s take an example of a human baby. If you feed a human baby too much, what will he do? He will start vomiting. So same here in baby squirrels. If you overfeed them, this will let them diarrhea or bloat. So knowing age is very important. I think that knowing baby squirrels’ age will be typically easy because you will find everything about determining baby squirrel age in this blog. So this was all about determining the age of a baby squirrel. I believe that this blog will let you more information than before.

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