Do Squirrels Drink Milk?

Do Squirrels Drink Milk? Tips For Feeding Milk To a Baby Squirrel

Have you ever watched with fascination as a squirrel scurries up a tree or raids the bird feeder? These furry creatures have been around since long before humans wrote books, and they bring joy to many through their dynamic behavior. Have you ever wondered if these critters enjoy a healthy dose of cow’s milk in their diets? You may be surprised to learn that the answer is yes and no – it depends on where they live! In this article, we’ll explore why some squirrels drink milk while others abstain altogether. Keep reading for an informative answer to whether or not squirrels drink milk.

Do Squirrels Drink Milk?

Though it may seem strange, many people have asked whether squirrels drink milk. The answer is surprising, yes! Several sources of milk and other dairy products can serve as a nutrition source for squirrels. Many wild baby squirrels nurse from their mothers for the first few weeks, which is a natural source of milk. Additionally, others have noticed squirrels lapping up spilled milk from cans, bottles, or containers left outside. These animals are also known to even happily drink cow’s milk from bowls set out in yards by homeowners. It’s important to remember, however, that while this dairy can provide them with some essential nutrients they need – protein and calcium – too much can lead to digestive issues that may be harmful.

Do Squirrels Drink Cow Milk?

Have you ever wondered whether or not squirrels drink cow’s milk? It turns out that there is no evidence that squirrels, who are traditionally herbivores and only eat plants, will consume milk from an animal such as a cow. Most wild animals do not typically drink milk from other animals. As their bodies have not developed to digest it properly. Cow milk is complicated for most animals due to the high amount of lactose. While some pet squirrels may be acclimated to drinking a more edible milky substance. It is more likely from positive reinforcement than something they would naturally seek out in the wild.

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Do Squirrels Drink Cow Milk?

What Kind of Milk does the Baby Squirrel Drink?

The diet of a baby squirrel is quite specific, and their source of milk differs from mammals such as humans or cows. Their mothers’ milk nourishes baby squirrels for the first two weeks after they are born. After this, it is supplemented with additional food sources such as nuts and seeds. After 4-5 weeks, they switch entirely to solid foods. Squirrel mothers produce a specialized kind of milk that contains more fat than other types of mammal milk, which helps the baby squirrel proliferate. This unique mixture provides sustenance while giving them an extra boost to develop healthily and get ready to venture out into the wild on their own.

What Kind of Milk does the Baby Squirrel Drink?

How Often Does a Baby Squirrel Drink Milk?

Newborn baby squirrels rely solely on their mother’s milk for nourishment, typically feeding from the teat five to six times a day. As they grow and start eating solids, their milk will decrease until nursing eventually stops altogether, usually when the baby squirrel is around two months old. After that, a baby squirrel will no longer need milk as a regular part of their diet, having transitioned to food sources such as nuts, fruits, and berries. However, even as adults, they may still enjoy sips of milk or cream sometimes!

Benefits of Milk for Baby Squirrels

Milk is a crucial part of any baby squirrel’s diet. It plays an essential role in ensuring the growth and development of the young animal, providing valuable nutrients such as calcium, potassium, phosphorous, protein, and carbohydrates. In addition to vital nutrients, milk provides hydration that helps these animals stay healthy during their early days. Furthermore, it stimulates the production of antibodies to help boost immunity. Lastly, infant squirrels are born with no fur or much body fat for insulation from the cold temperatures outside their nest, getting adequate milk helps them retain this essential element for survival.

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Benefits of Milk for Baby Squirrels

Which Milk Should We Feed the Baby Squirrel?

There are various factors to consider when it comes to feeding a baby squirrel. For one, one should avoid cow’s milk at all costs; eating cow’s milk accounts for the leading cause of death in young squirrels due to diarrhea. Instead, you should feed the baby squirrel an electrolyte solution and either goat’s or sheep’s milk. Goats’ milk is better to represent the composition of their mother’s milk, so that is ideal.

Additionally, you should give your baby squirrel frequent small feedings to avoid stomach upset and ensure they stay hydrated. With the proper care and attention, your baby squirrel will have all they need to grow healthy and strong.

Which Milk Should We Feed the Baby Squirrel?

Tips For Feeding Milk to a Baby Squirrel

Feeding a baby squirrel can be an exciting and rewarding experience for anyone who is up for the challenge. One of the first things aspiring baby squirrel caregivers need to understand is how to safely and nutritiously feed their new charges. Milk formula designed for mammals such as squirrels should be used whenever possible. If that’s not available, other mammal-safe procedures can do, as long as they are meant to supplement rather than replace food such as insects and nuts in time. It’s important to use lukewarm formula since this is closest to natural body temperature, making it easier to digest.

Additionally, always feed a baby squirrel on its back and tummy with a small dropper or spoon. It ensures formula goes down the throat and not into its lungs accidentally! Lastly, remember the importance of providing ample hydration to your little furry friend by offering frequent access to clean water in addition to their meals.

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Tips For Feeding Milk to a Baby Squirrel


1- How many times does a baby squirrel drink milk daily?

Baby squirrels feed from their mother’s teat five to six times a day.

2- What nutrients are found in milk for baby squirrels?

Milk provides valuable nutrients such as calcium, potassium, phosphorous, protein, and carbohydrates to baby squirrels.

3- What formula should I use to feed a baby squirrel?

When feeding a baby squirrel, it’s best to use an electrolyte solution and either goat’s or sheep’s milk. You should also avoid feeding them cow’s milk at all costs, as it can be fatal for young squirrels.

4- Is it okay for adults to drink milk?

While adults should not rely on milk as a primary food source, a small amount can benefit proper nutrition. Milk provides valuable nutrients and hydration and can help boost immunity.

5- What tips should we know when feeding a baby squirrel?

When feeding a baby squirrel, opt to feed frequent small feedings, use lukewarm formula, feed on its back and tummy with a small dropper or spoon, and provide ample hydration through access to clean water. Following these tips will ensure that your furry friend gets the best nutrition and care, allowing them to grow healthy and strong.


Caring for a baby squirrel is no easy task and requires commitment, dedication, and patience. Knowing the basics of feeding, such as what kind of milk to use and tips on how to feed it properly, can go a long way in providing your new furry friend with all the care they need. With time and practice, you’ll be able to provide your baby squirrel with all the nutrition and care they need, helping them thrive. Remember, never feed cow’s milk to a baby squirrel and always provide access to clean water and their meals.

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