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Mr. Mime has always been a strange fellow. Human-shaped and yet relegated to secondary-citizen status by a harsh and arbitrary legal system, what a cruel fate. Galarian Mr. Mime has not fared much better, but it has one thing going for it! As of February 18, 2023, it can be found Shiny! Here is how to get Shiny Galarian Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO.

Aspiring Pokémon trainers, listen up! There’s a mime on the streets of Pokémon Go, but not just any mime: a shiny Mr. Mime. It’s the rarest of the rare, and everyone’s after it. But how can you get your hands on one? Let’s dive deep.

How rare is a shiny Mr. Mime in Pokémon Go?

Shiny Pokémon, in general, are a rare find in Pokémon Go. When it comes to the shiny variant of Mr. Mime, its rarity is palpable. This psychic and fairy-type Pokémon has a shiny form that’s notably distinguished by its unique color palette.

What are the odds of encountering a shiny Mr. Mime?

The odds of encountering a shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go typically hover around 1 in 450 for wild encounters. But for regional exclusives like Mr. Mime, these odds can feel even more daunting. While Niantic, the game’s developer, hasn’t provided specific odds for Mr. Mime, anecdotal evidence from players suggests it’s a challenging quest.

Are there any special events for Shiny Mr. Mime in Pokémon Go?

Occasionally, Niantic organizes special events that increase the chances of encountering specific Pokémon. For instance, during Europe-centric events, the chances of finding a Mr. Mime—shiny or otherwise—might see an uptick.

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of Mr. Mime’s type in battles?

Being a Psychic and Fairy type, Mr. Mime is strong against Fighting and Dragon types but is vulnerable to Ghost, Poison, and Steel types.

Strengths (Offensively Super Effective Against):

  • Fighting
  • Poison (from Psychic type)
  • Dragon
  • Dark

Weaknesses (Takes Super Effective Damage From):

  • Bug (primarily due to its Psychic typing)
  • Ghost (due to its Psychic typing)
  • Dark (though mitigated somewhat by its Fairy typing)
  • Poison
  • Steel

Knowing these strengths and weaknesses can help you decide when to deploy Mr. Mime in battles, both in terms of offense and defense. Always consider the opponent’s potential moves and type matchups to make the best strategic decision.

How can I evolve Mr. Mime into Mr. Rime?

In Pokémon Go, you can evolve Mr. Mime into Mr. Rime using a certain amount of candy. However, this evolution is specific to the Galarian variant of Mr. Mime.

How to Get Shiny Galarian Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO

Now that Galarian Mr. Mime has its debut, it is the perfect time to start Shiny hunting for this blacker, more classic version. Although, finding a Mr. Mime can be difficult on even the best day, and Galarian Mr. Mime? Almost impossible.

There are a handful of region-locked Pokemon in Pokemon GO, which encourages trainers to both travel and befriend other trainers. Mr. Mime falls into this category, as it can only be found in Europe. But Galarian Mr. Mime is on another level entirely. This icy pantomime can only be found during events. So, it is best to take advantage of them when they come, especially since they tend to occur only during the winter months.

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What are the best movesets for Mr. Mime in Pokémon Go?

For optimal damage output, combining Confusion with Psychic or Dazzling Gleam is recommended.

As of my last update in January 2022, the best movesets for Mr. Mime in Pokémon Go depend on its intended use (PvE or PvP) and the specific matchups you’re targeting. Here’s a breakdown of the most recommended movesets:

1. For Gym Battles and Raids (PvE):

  • Fast Move: Confusion
  • Charge Move: Psychic

This combination provides a solid Psychic-type damage output, which is especially effective against Pokémon weak to Psychic-type moves, such as Fighting and Poison types.

2. For Player vs. Player (PvP):

  • Fast Move: Confusion
  • Charge Moves: Psychic and Shadow Ball or Dazzling Gleam

Confusion offers a strong Psychic-type fast move, while Psychic delivers STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus) damage. Shadow Ball covers Mr. Mime’s weakness against Ghost-types, while Dazzling Gleam, a Fairy-type move, provides coverage against Dragons, Dark-types, and other Fighting types.

Keep in mind that Pokémon Go is a dynamic game, and movesets can be adjusted based on specific matchups or as the game meta evolves. Always consider checking dedicated Pokémon Go resources or communities for the latest recommendations and updates on optimal movesets.

How can I improve my chances of finding a shiny Pokémon in general?

Participate actively in Community Days, use Incense and Lures, and engage in as many Pokémon encounters as possible.

What are the most sought-after shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

While many trainers chase after shiny legendaries like Rayquaza or Mewtwo, regional shinies like Kangaskhan, Tauros, and yes, Mr. Mime, are also highly coveted.

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The world of Pokémon Go is vast and ever-evolving. Whether you’re on the hunt for the elusive shiny Mr. Mime or simply looking to enhance your gameplay, remember to enjoy the journey and share the fun with fellow trainers. Safe travels and happy hunting!

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