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Jack’s Dog Farm has built a reputation over the years for responsible breeding and prioritizing animal welfare. With a focus on ethical dog breeding practices, they ensure each puppy is given the best start in life.

Founded in 1927, by our Grandfather, Jacks’s Dog Farm has built up a tremendous reputation in following in the pet business. Throughout our 86+ years in business, we have had one simple goal, quality puppies at the lowest prices!

If you choose to be a part of the Jacks Dog Farm family, you will have chosen three generations of knowledge and service that have maintained our business for over seven decades. Our puppies are Pennsylvania bred for quality and companionship and we also breed some of our puppies ourselves here in Pipersville with hands-on quality protection.

Our puppies are happy and healthy. We obey a strict vaccination and worming program and use only the best products. We offer a written guarantee of the fairest kind, honoring your purchase to the fullest extent as long as we are notified of any problems.

How to care for a puppy from Jack’s Dog Farm?

Jack’s Dog Farm provides a comprehensive guide on puppy socialization, training methods, and essential veterinary care for dogs. New owners are equipped with all the necessary information to ensure their pet’s well-being.

  1. First Days Home: Puppies might feel overwhelmed in a new environment. Create a safe, quiet space for them to retreat to and spend some quiet bonding time with them.
  2. Diet & Nutrition: Ensure you’re feeding the puppy a balanced diet. If Jack’s Dog Farm has specific dog food recommendations or a diet chart, make sure to follow it. Feed puppies multiple small meals a day.
  3. Health Checks: Schedule a vet visit soon after bringing the puppy home. Keep up with regular vaccinations, deworming, and flea and tick treatments as recommended by the veterinarian.
  4. Socialization: Puppies are most receptive to new experiences between 3 and 14 weeks of age. Gradually expose your puppy to different environments, people, and other animals to ensure they grow up well-adjusted.
  5. Training: Start basic obedience training early. Using positive reinforcement methods, teach them essential commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” Jack’s Dog Farm might offer training resources or recommend local trainers.
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What breeds of dogs are known for being at Jack’s Dog Farm?

While they house a range of breeds, the farm is particularly known for breeding healthy and vibrant Jack Russell Terriers, among other popular breeds.

What are the prices for puppies at Jack’s Dog Farm?

Prices vary depending on the breed and pedigree. It’s recommended to contact the farm directly or visit their website for detailed pricing information.

  1. Breed: Purebred and popular breeds usually command higher prices compared to mixed breeds or less popular breeds.
  2. Pedigree: Puppies from champion bloodlines or with a lineage of award-winning ancestors may be priced higher.
  3. Age: Younger puppies, especially those just weaned, may have a different price compared to older puppies.
  4. Health & Vaccination: Puppies that have received all their vaccinations and health checks may come with a different price tag.
  5. Training: If the puppy has undergone any basic obedience or specialized training, it might affect its price.

Can I visit Jack’s Dog Farm in person?

Yes, the farm encourages potential adopters and dog enthusiasts to visit and experience farm life with dogs firsthand. They also host open houses and events periodically.

What services does Jack’s Dog Farm offer?

Apart from breeding and adoption, the farm offers dog training sessions, pet care workshops, and veterinary consultations.

  1. Breeding: As a reputable breeding center, Jack’s Dog Farm specializes in breeding purebred dogs, ensuring ethical practices, proper puppy socialization, and high standards of animal welfare.
  2. Adoption: The farm facilitates the adoption of both puppies and older dogs, matching them with suitable families based on compatibility and the dog’s needs.
  3. Dog Training: With experienced trainers on board, Jack’s Dog Farm provides various dog training sessions. These can range from basic obedience training to more specialized behavioral training.
  4. Veterinary Consultations: To ensure the health of every dog, the farm has veterinary professionals offering regular check-ups, vaccinations, and other essential medical services.
  5. Pet Care Workshops: For first-time dog owners or those looking to brush up on their knowledge, the farm organizes workshops covering topics like dog health and nutrition, grooming practices, and general pet care tips.
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Do they provide training for dogs at Jack’s Dog Farm?

Yes, with expert trainers on board, the farm ensures each dog receives the training it needs, from basic commands to advanced behavioral training.

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Location. 6370 Easton Rd., Pipersville, PA, United States, Pennsylvania

+1 215-766-8802

What are the adoption requirements at Jack’s Dog Farm?

Potential adopters need to be above 21, provide a pet-friendly environment, and undergo an interview to understand their compatibility with the chosen breed.

  1. Age Requirement: Adopters must be at least 21 years of age. This ensures a level of maturity and capability to care for the pet.
  2. Pet-friendly Environment: Adopters should provide a home environment that is safe and conducive for the breed they are adopting. This includes a safe space for the dog to play and sleep, and ensuring no harmful substances are within the dog’s reach.
  3. Interview Process: Potential adopters undergo an interview to understand their compatibility with the chosen breed, their experience with pets, and their expectations.
  4. Home Visit: Jack’s Dog Farm conducts a home visit to ensure that the living conditions are suitable for the dog’s needs. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of the dog in its new environment.
  5. Financial Stability: Adopters should demonstrate the financial capacity to care for the dog. This includes being able to afford food, medical care, grooming, and other needs of the pet.

In conclusion

Jack’s Dog Farm is not just a breeding farm but a haven for dog lovers, ensuring the well-being of each dog and guiding potential owners on their pet journey. Whether you’re looking to adopt a purebred or seeking expert advice on pet care, Jack’s Dog Farm is the place to be.

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