2009 saw the first evolution of the Samsung Galaxy phone. The Samsung i750 was a statement of intent, and since then, Samsung has produced a number of models in the Galaxy series with the two most popular being both Galaxy S and Note.

The Galaxy range was introduced in 2009, which sees it written in folklore as Samsung being pitted against Apple’s iPhone; a rivalry that still exists today.

In this article, we will take a brief look at that and then, of course, give hints and tips about the Galaxy range to bring you fully up to speed on what your Samsung Galaxy is capable of doing.

Samsung Galaxy (2009) V Apple iPhone (2007)

  • Samsung Galaxy has been, generally, more popular, largely owing to a better share of shipments and offers due to the multitude of models and price points that it sells.
  • During Q3 2023 –  As reported by Counterpoint Research, Samsung sold about as many smartphones globally compared to Apple. The result is a total figure that discounts taxes and is divided by the revenue derived.
  • During Q1 2022 –  Apple led the smartphone market in North America with Samsung in second place. Apple’s shipments of 19.9 million and a market share of %5, followed by Samsung, equaling approximately half that at about 10.5 million. However, with Apple being a US firm in that market, this was to be expected.

Looking Back

This has been a healthy ‘rivalry’ over the years, driving both corporations to bring innovation to new levels in features and specs.

This ultimately benefited the consumer and pushed boundaries. The market witnessed experimental prices and new tech and gadgets that may have taken longer to be realised if these giants of tech weren’t fixated on market share during this time.

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It’s been an interesting watch, and with ‘Mobile First’ having been Google’s motto for many years now, we see no reason that these two tech giants won’t keep swinging and coming up with new-age tech and push each other to much higher levels than anyone thought possible back in 2007 and 2009 when they both hit the market.

Samsung Galaxy – Features and Tips

Over time, Samsung has brought a number of new features and technologies to its Galaxy devices. Some of the notable features include:

Infinity Display

Bixby is available on the latest Samsung Galaxy devices. Bixby assists you in navigating your device and can respond to your questions. It also works with your smart house gadgets.

Wireless Charging

Many Samsung Galaxy devices have wireless charging, which means all your cords and cables are gone.

Water Resistance

These days Samsung Galaxy devices are waterproof they can withstand even dipping them in a bucket let alone a splash of water or coffee let alone.


Samsung DeX connects a user’s Samsung Galaxy device to a monitor and keyboard through the dock that creates a desktop home.

If you inadvertently lose your Samsung smartphone or tablet, it still can be locked from a distance using the Find My Mobile service.

If you did not answer the Google account and activation lock questions, sign up for a Samsung site with its remote unlock feature enabled on your Settings app.

Water Resistance

But, the present crop of Samsung Galaxy devices is waterproof, as marked by their IP codes such that they can withstand splashes and momentary spills of whorl in addition to being capable of even being submerged beneath deep waters for an extended period.

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Unlock your device remotely

In this case, if you lose your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, another way will be its remote unlocking through the Find My Mobile service.

But first, create a Samsung account and ensure that the remote unlock feature is enabled in your Settings app.

Then, proceed to the Find My Mobile page and sign in using your Samsung Account. From there, click on the unlock tab and also select your device.

Customise gestures

Samsung Galaxy devices support a range of gestures that can make your navigation much more convenient and faster.

To customise these gestures, find the Advanced Features section in your Settings app

For example, When you swipe down from one corner to reduce the size of the screen One-handed mode is activated.

Or, you may enable the Palm swipe-to-capture feature that enables taking screenshots through a palm sweep across the screen. 2 You can also activate the swipe-to-call or message that lets you switch left and right at a contact’s name in Phone Contacts to make an immediate phone call or send SMS.

Create a Secure Folder

Samsung Galaxy devices have a Secure Folder feature built-in where you can create an encrypted and private space for your apps and files pictures.

The Secure Folder is located in the Settings app under Biometrics and Security.

You just need to sign in using your Samsung account and secure it with any lock method.

Next, you can tap the Add Apps or Add Files buttons to add some new applications and data to your Secure Folder. You may also alter the settings of Secure Folder, like changing the icon, name, or lock types.

Speed up your phone

One of the features found in Samsung Galaxy devices is Device care, which provides an opportunity for you to optimise your phone’s performance and improve its battery, storage and memory.

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You can find the Device care under Battery and Device Car in the Settings app. To make the condition of your phone better, you can press the button Optimise.

Now, that will do it automatically. You can also click the individual icons to view more details and options. To give you an example, there is an adaptive battery feature that learns how your usage of the phone pans out through the course of the day and can limit power consumption from apps that don’t see much screen time.

Lift subjects out of photos

Samsung Galaxy devices have an inbuilt functionality known as an Object eraser that can help you get rid of ugly objects or people from your photos. This can be found in the Gallery app by clicking on Edit, then Eraser Icon, and finally Object Eraser. Afterwards, you may choose the objects or people You want to remove and click Erase. It will auto-fill similar coloured and textured backgrounds.


The Samsung Galaxy has improved and transformed quite a bit since the introduction of its first version in 2009. Each new model of Samsung reveals the brand’s major innovation in the given sector each time. We hope the tips in this article will help you get the most out of your Galaxy and give you an insight into the competitiveness of the mobile phone market.  And with the demand for connectivity at all-time highs, this is likely to be a good watch between the big guns for quite some time!

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