Nanoleaf is a smart lighting products manufacturer.

Specifically, they provide various categories of intelligent light panels, bulbs, and LED strips, as well as holiday string lights, which are manufactured to support any user’s needs on a daily basis.

It works with:

  • HomeKit
  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Alexa and all other smart home platforms…

The fact is that Nanoleaf has gained recognition for coming up with designs that are completely new and unique in the smart lighting sector.

These lightings provide consumers with exemplary RGB illumination in combination with colour animations as well as dynamic glowing effects.

Product Range

Nanoleaf provides you with a range of smart light panels, including:

  • Lines
  • Shapes
  • Elements
  • Canvas
  • And light panel arrangements that come in different patterns on your walls or ceilings…

All their smart LED light panels can be adjusted the way you want to match your preferences, desires or activities.

They offer millions of colours, brightnesses and colour temperatures to select from that can let you create scenes and effects according to your liking or decorating scheme.

The Nanoleaf Effect

The smart lighting products have more advantages aside from the ability to light your home.

Smart lighting works in harmony with your circadian rhythm, quality of sleep, and state of mind can increase overall healthiness and well-being.

Smart lights can be used that give the illusion of natural lighting, meaning sunrises and sunsets will happen according to nature and throughout the day.

You can use things like smart lights to unwind, reflect or have calming, zen-energising lighting.

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Smart Lighting – What Does it Cover?

There are several forms of smart lighting, but not limited to the following:

  • Smart Bulbs
  • Switches
  • Plugs
  • Phone Apps
  • Voice Assistants
  • Remote or Motion Sensors to Control Smart Lighting…

Assistance in:

  • Schedules and Routines that can be programmed so you are in complete control.

Benefits and Advantages of Elevating Smart Lighting in Your Home

  • The use of LED smart lights, which also take in less power and are more durable than normal bulbs, will enable you to save energy and money.
  • It is possible to adjust and customise your lighting according to the settings that fit your taste and state of mind as well as what you undertake. Millions of colours, brightness and colour temperatures are of your choice, making scenes and effects to suit the style or décor you desire.
  • You can take your entertainment and gaming to the next level when you sync these smart lights with music, movies or games. Immersive and interactive lighting that responds to the sound and action on your screen can be created.
  • By choosing smart lights that encourage your circadian rhythm, sleep quality, and mood, you can improve your health.

There are smart bulbs that imitate natural lights, including the intensity of sunrise and sunset, whose colours change throughout different times of the day.

You can also make use of smart light bulbs, adjusting the type and intensity of illumination in a way that relaxes, helps to meditate or boosts your attention through soothing or stimulating lighting.

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Nanoleaf – Products That are Ahead in the Market

Some of the innovations and market leadership they have achieved in the smart lighting industry are:

NXTVISION Display: This is a technology that modifies the characteristics of the screen by changing such parameters as contrast, sharpness, saturation and – depending on the monitor model – colour temperature. It also has HDR10 to enable deeper colours and details. Nanoleaf is the first company to incorporate this technology into smart light panels, offering you breathtaking and spectacular lighting in your home.

• NXTPAPER Display: This kind of display technology is as close to the human eyes as we know and provides a paper-like screen view. By getting rid of flicker and blue light, it cuts eye fatigue by at least 30 percent while using as much as a maximum of 65 percent less power than an average LCD screen. This technology had never been used before until they integrated it into their smart light panels.

• Sony OIS Camera: This is a camera system that supports Sony Sensor and has OIS technology, which helps in capturing sharp photos and stability of videos in every shooting environment. Nanoleaf has become the pioneer in implementing this camera system into their smart light panels that you can use to record your lighting masterpieces and even share them with others.

• AI Camera: This system is supplemented with artificial intelligence, which enables it to improve photo quality, as well as make it work better. It is able to identify scenes, objects, faces, and even gestures in order to determine the best settings automatically or add certain effects. Nanoleaf is the pioneer in its use of this camera system, which lets you shape and govern your light panels with voice commands, just like touch or virtually any movement.

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• Dual Stereo Speakers: This is an application that offers well-immersed and equal sound of music from the top as well as the bottom speakers in a phone. It also powers Super Bluetooth, allowing this phone to be connected to four other separate devices via Bluetooth connection. This feature is first incorporated into smart light panels, improving your gaming and entertainment using your lighting.


Smart lighting is something that people seem to know about but are not too sure of its full capability yet.  Having said that, it makes it an intriguing market sector and a niche that will grow exponentially in the coming years. The fact that Nanoleaf has a head start on a lot of their competition will see them in good standing to be at the forefront of this emerging technology for the foreseeable future.

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