Work with a Divorce Lawyer in Boston

A lot of marriages have to end for many reasons. Some spouses mutually decide to end their marriage and want to part ways with minimal stress. While divorces are usually portrayed as messy and bitter, some couples can peacefully and fairly divide their assets. But when spouses decide between working with a divorce lawyer Boston, MA and going through divorce mediation, they must ensure they make the right decision. A well-handled divorce can prevent you from dealing with negative consequences for years. 

Divorce Mediators vs Divorce Lawyers

Any divorce is meant to produce an agreement that includes terms regarding property division, child custody, child support, and alimony. You and your spouse can make this agreement without going to court, on your own terms, or bring this before a judge. 

If you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, you usually hire your own lawyer. Lawyers represent the interests of their clients and work for them to argue for a favorable divorce agreement. Even if you and your spouse want to treat each other fairly, your divorce may require litigation in court. Your divorce lawyer makes sure your case will be thoroughly presented in court. sometimes, they may collect evidence to contradict or weaken the case of the other side. 

 Meanwhile, divorce mediators don’t represent a party. Even if they are lawyers, they don’t provide legal advice to favor one party over the other. Rather, these mediators work with you and your spouse throughout your divorce. They facilitate the divorce agreement neutrally. The goal of a divorce mediator is to make a worktable divorce agreement for you and your spouse. 

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Often, mediation is a great option if you and your spouse have kids and wish to make an agreement that mutually benefits you. But you must seek help from a lawyer even during mediation to promote a fair divorce. 

When to Work with a Lawyer

Although using a divorce mediator allows for a quick divorce, you still need a lawyer during this process. Having a lawyer by your side during mediation doesn’t mean you want to fight your spouse. Rather, your attorney will check the mediation terms, ensuring they are fair for you. 

If you and your spouse have an imbalance of power, you may not benefit from mediation. For instance, if you were a homemaker with kids during the marriage while your spouse provides for the family, you may need attorneys. These situations require lawyers who will advocate for your best interests. 

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