Do Crows Eat Squirrels?

Have you ever seen a crow go after a squirrel in your backyard or park? You may wonder, do crows eat squirrels? Well, the short answer is yes. Crows are opportunistic omnivores who take advantage of an easy meal by eating small mammals such as squirrels or rodents. But there’s more to it than that; read on to discover why crows have been known to hunt and consume certain types of squirrels and what other animals they like to eat.

What Do Crows Eat?

Crows have incredibly varied diets. They can eat a variety of foods, adapting to different environments. Crows are omnivores, meaning they enjoy eating both plants and animals. They will often eat berries, grains, fruits, nuts, small amphibians and reptiles, insects, eggs, and even small mammals such as mice or voles. If a crow is near human habitation, it may happily scavenge through garbage and look for food. In winter, crows resort to eating whatever food sources are available to survive the cold weather.

What Do Crows Eat?

Can Crows Eat Squirrels?

For the most part, crows are omnivorous and will eat anything they come across. While crows can catch and potentially consume small mammals like squirrels. These birds are usually so well-adapted to scavenging for food that they don’t need to hunt for their meals. Studies have found that some crow groups even have trouble catching live animals due to a lack of practice in hunting! So while crows can eat squirrels, it’s more likely that you’ll find them picking through the garbage or snatching worms from the soil and eating those instead.

Can Crows Eat Squirrels?

Do Crows Like to Eat Squirrels?

While there is no definite answer to the question of whether or not crows enjoy eating squirrels, it is clear that these birds do occasionally feed on them. Large flocks of crows have been known to feast on small rodent populations in urban areas.

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Additionally, research has found that crows can kill and eat juvenile and adult squirrels. While this behavior may seem alarming, it is preferable to crows preying upon other species, like wild birds or eggs.

Do Crows Attack Squirrels?

Crows often used weapons like sticks and stones to chase these smaller mammals out of their territories or nests. Generally, they try to frighten the squirrel, so it leaves rather than attacking it directly. Fortunately for the squirrels, crows are most active during dawn and dusk when the rodents are still hibernating or sleeping, so they are less likely to be targeted in daylight hours. So, while crows can attack squirrels under certain circumstances, this does not always happen.

Do Crows Attack Squirrels?

How Often Crows Eat Squirrels?

Though a diet consisting of small mammals like squirrels may not seem like a typical menu for birds, crows are known for their versatility in feeding habits. Despite this expertise, crows have been eating squirrels less frequently than other food sources. These birds have an expansive list of diet items, including insects, eggs, fruits, and even roadkill. In comparison, the occasional death of an unfortunate gray or red squirrel won’t be enough to dent the crow population. If crows were regularly preying on local squirrel populations, we would start to see a significant decline in their numbers.

How Often Crows Eat Squirrels?

How do Crows Eat Squirrels?

Crows are versatile when it comes to obtaining their food. To be able to eat a squirrel, crows will use a variety of tactics, such as mobbing and dive-bombing, which can cause the prey to become disoriented and eventually killed. Other techniques include:

  • Outsmarting their prey by raiding bird feeders.
  • Luring them into traps.
  • Using tools like stones or sticks to get food is usually out of reach.

Is the Squirrel Afraid of the Crow?

Despite common belief, squirrels are not afraid of crows. Studies have found that the relationship between these two animals is typically neutral or even positive. Squirrels will indeed tend to move away when a crow approaches. Still, this behavior typically has more to do with evading potential danger than any inherent fear of the bird itself. Generally speaking, as long as crows remain non-aggressive and do not attempt to compete for food resources, both species can coexist peacefully.

Is the Squirrel Afraid of the Crow?

Are Crows Fast Enough to Catch Squirrels?

The question of whether crows can catch squirrels typically comes down to speed. A crow can fly at a maximum speed of 59 km/h, while a squirrel’s top speed is 10 km/h, which means a crow can easily outpace a squirrel in the air. However, primates are exceptionally agile animals and have multiple ways to evade their predators, so a crow must be quick and light on its feet to successfully snatch up its prey.

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Furthermore, since most squirrels spend more time on land than crows, they have an advantage in evading predators with sudden turns and dives that crows find challenging to maneuver in tight spaces. Whether or not a crow will be fast enough to catch a squirrel depends on the situation and the particular species involved.

Are Crows Fast Enough to Catch Squirrels?

How Squirrels Protect Their Babies From Crows?

Squirrels have developed intricate methods of protecting their young from predators, especially crows. One strategy squirrels use to protect their babies is hiding them in trees and covering the nest with leaves and sticks. Special scent glands on their feet allow them to mark these spots and detect intruders on the lookout for easy meals quickly. They also make loud noises when a crow appears nearby to warn other squirrels and their offspring.

In addition, squirrels may build decoy nests close by filled with empty shells, distracting the crows away from their actual nests. All of these tactics combined demonstrate the fantastic intelligence that squirrels possess when “momming” and provide insight into why they are such extraordinary parents in nature.

How Squirrels Protect Their Babies From Crows?


1- Can squirrels eat crows?

No, squirrels are not capable of eating crows. Crows are much larger than squirrels, and their feathers and beaks make them difficult to swallow. 

3- What is the other diet of crows except for squirrels?

Crows have a diverse diet and feed on many different types of food, including insects, fruits, grains, carrion, eggs, small rodents, and even the occasional small bird. They are also known to scavenge human garbage in some cases.

4- Are crows and squirrels friendly?

Yes, crows and squirrels can be friendly toward each other. Generally speaking, as long as crows remain non-aggressive and do not attempt to compete for food resources, both species can coexist peacefully. Thus, it is not uncommon to see them living harmoniously in the same area.

5- Does the squirrel run to avoid the crow?

Yes, squirrels often run away when a crow approaches to evade potential danger. However, this behavior typically has more to do with escaping potential risk than any inherent fear of the bird itself.


Crows and squirrels are two of the most iconic animals in nature, often sharing the same habitat. Crows can easily outpace squirrels in the air and have been known to catch them occasionally. However, squirrels possess remarkable intelligence that allows them to protect themselves and their babies from predators like crows.

Moreover, both species can live peacefully, side by side, without conflict or competition. Ultimately, whether a crow will be fast enough to catch a squirrel depends on the particular situation and species and the squirrel’s ability to outsmart its avian counterpart.

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