How To Keep Raccoons Away?

Having a raccoon in your home or yard is a big problem because raccoons are not safe animals, and they are not like your normal pets. Don’t ever try to make them pets; they are dangerous animals. It is essential to keep a raccoon away from home. How can we get rid of them? There are some ways we will explain ahead from which you will be able to get rid of them. So read the blog to know more.

Which Kind of Animals are Raccoons?

Raccoons are native wild animals, and their habits are similar to wild animals. They can not be kept as pets at home because the bacteria and diseases they carry are more life-threatening. These animals are dangerous to human health. You also know what kind of things are found in the forests, and these animals are used to these things, but we are not. So don’t give them a chance to enter your home.

Which Kind of Animals are Raccoons?

Why Do Raccoon Enter Our Homes?

Raccoon can’t enter your houses themselves, but you invite them to join your homes. How do you ask them? The invitation is not like you request them yourself; the invitation is the garbage trash in your house attracts raccoon, so that’s why they enter your home. Because now they are not anymore in the forests, and that’s why it becomes a compulsion for them to join your houses because they have to fulfill their daily routine food and because they are not anymore in forests so that they collect their food from your home garbage trash.

Why Do Raccoon Enter Our Homes?

Are Raccoons Aggressive?

What Can We Do To Keep Away Raccoons?

Raccoons come to your house only in search of food. So it would be best if you took care of these few things to help keep raccoons away from your home.

Home Garbage

If you have garbage everywhere in your house, it is the main reason for raccoons at your home. Raccoons in forests forage food in tree caves, and because they have a strong sense of smell, they can easily find food in your house. In your homes, they can also sense if there is food at your home or not. So it would help if you had to keep your home clean from garbage, so they can’t enter your home.

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Pet Food

Do not leave your pet food outside your home or your home yard because raccoons can smell the food and come to your home to eat. Keep the porch inside your home because these animals can eat anything.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders can also attract raccoons. If bird feeders are in your yard, raccoons may come to your home. If the raccoons are coming to your house because of them, you should take the bird feeders inside the house at night.

Decayed Fruits

Raccoons often come to your garden to eat fruits. They usually eat those fruits that are cut off from trees. Decayed fruits produce more smell than fresh fruit, and their smell attracts wandering raccoons outside. So you should clean your garden every time.

These all are those things from which raccoons commonly enter your homes. If you control these activities, hope they will not come to your home.

Raccoon in home garbage

Do Raccoons Eat Rabbits?

Raccoons in the Attic

If there are raccoons in your attics and you want to get rid of them, so follow these steps;

  • Search for raccoon babies. If the raccoon has her babies, then there are two options for you:
  1. Leave them for some weeks so they may grow and leave your attic on their own.
  2. Call to animal control center so they will take both mother and babies with them.

If you separate the mother and the children, the children will die without their mother, which is not good. Better to keep them growing until they will leave your attic on their own. In this way, raccoon babies can grow better with their mothers. And second, I have to tell you to call animal pest control. If you call them, they will take all of them. They may take care of them or leave them in forests so that the mother and babies both will be safe.

  • You can also set a trap for a raccoon, but alone you can’t able to do it because the catch can injure the raccoon, so you should call the wildlife department for help. They have special training for trapping these animals safely.
  • Close all the gaps and holes from which raccoons can enter your attic. Don’t skip any spots from your attic. You can use metal wires or clothes to close those holes. 

So these are the steps from which you can get rid of raccoons.

How to Know if Raccoons Often Come to Your Home?

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Above, we discussed why raccoons could come to our house. Now we know why they come to our place, but how will it be known that these will come to our houses? Here are some things that bring raccoons to your home.

  • Raccoons are nasty animals. If you see garbage scattered in your house, your garden is in poor condition, broken bird feeders, and other things that are not in their proper condition, it could be the work of raccoons.
  • If you see any footprints in your yard that do not belong to any pets in your house, they are raccoon footprints. It can also be helpful for detecting the presence of raccoons. 
  • It must be a raccoon’s sound if you have ever noticed strange voices at night, like growling, mewing, and whistling.

So these are some signs from which you can guess the presence of raccoons at your home.

Raccoons in the Attic

Pregnant Raccoon

Which Things Don’t Raccoons Like?

1- Soap Spray

Spraying the soap in your garden or home can keep them away from your house. You can spread all the soap spray in your yard so they can’t enter your home. Using raccoon repellent detergents can easily keep them away from your home.

2- Hot Pepper

Hot pepper is a powerful repellent against raccoon. It can be helpful because its smell is irritating, and raccoon may find it challenging to sense food. 

3- Onion-pepper Spray

Onion-pepper spray can also help keep raccoon away. Mix onion and pepper with equal water and spray it where you want. Its smell is strong enough to keep raccoon away.

4- Garlic Juice

You can also use garlic juice; its strong and long-lasting smell can help keep raccoos out of your property.

5- Epsom Salt

Use Epsom salt in your garden, trash cans, and yards. It is a fertilizer that can keep raccoon away from your garden.

6- Peppermint Oil

Usually, peppermint oil is used for treating headaches, muscle joints, and joint pains. It is also used in many industries but can also be used as a raccoon repellent and helpful.

These are those things that raccoon don’t like. If you try these things, they will indeed don’t ever come to your house.

How to Prevent Raccoons from Entering Your Home?

Raccoons can find many ways to enter your house because they are clever animals and know how to enter your home. First of all, keep your main house door closed, close all the entry paths from which raccoon can enter, and seal every small hole in your house. Seal your walls, roofs, and other small ways from which they can enter your house. In my opinion, it is the best solution for keeping them away from your home, because when all the ways of the house are closed they will not able to get inside the house, and when they don’t find a way, they will stay away from your home by themselves. So in this way, your life will be free from them.

How to Prevent Raccoons from Entering Your Home?

Raccoon Out During the Day

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Can Raccoon Enter Your House From Rooftop?

The roof is one of the most common ways used by raccoon to enter gardens or homes. If there is any tree outside your house, they will use it to enter your house. They enter your house with the help of trees because raccoon are good at climbing trees. So it is better to close your rooftops or cut off tree branches, so they will not be able to climb on trees or enter your house. 

Can Raccoons Enter Your House From Rooftop?


1- Why do raccoons find in our home?

Raccoons come to find food in your home trash.

2- Which things do raccoons hate the most?

The things that raccoons hate hot pepper, onion, garlic, Epsom salt, and peppermint oil. Raccoons also hate spicy smells.

3- Do raccoons like to live in our houses?

Raccoons like to live in attics, and they usually come here to care for their babies.

4- Is trapping raccoons a helpful way to catch raccoons?

Trapping raccoons is a better way of catching raccoons. If you don’t know how to trap them, you can call the wildlife animal control center to help you. They have a better way to catch these animals.

5- How much damage can raccoons do to our home?

Raccoons can damage your garden, spread garbage everywhere, damage the plants, and ruin the garden’s condition.


Why is it essential for raccoon to stay away from home? Raccoon don’t have to stay away from the house just because they cause damage to our property. They harm more than that because they carry dangerous diseases, and when they enter our homes, they leave many harmful bacterias at our homes that cause serious diseases. So it is also a severe problem having raccoon in homes. We discussed the best ways to keep these wild animals away from your houses; you should follow them. You can’t trust these wild animals; even a little carelessness can lead you to death. Be careful while dealing with these animals; you don’t have to touch them because they can transmit bacteria into your body.

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