How to Use Software to Monitoring Employees in the OKR Strategy

OKR stands for “Objectives and Key Results.” It is a way to run a business by setting ambitious targets and specific steps to reach them. While it sounds simple, it’s important to set the right goals and measure them accurately for this strategy to work and help your business grow.

Here are some broad types of goals that employee monitoring software can help you keep track of, along with some specific ways to use it to measure key results:

Improvements in Efficiency

If your main goal is to make your teams more productive and efficient, then employee monitoring software can help you keep track of how they use web apps and software and see how much time they spend on each job or activity. If you use project management or kanban tools like Trello, scrum software or employee monitoring software like Controlio, Hubstaff, Timedoctor, Activtrack, Workpuls, etc., this is especially important.

One example of a key result in this group could be to cut the time spent on job X by Y percent. Task X could be anything from making bills to writing content for social media. According to OKR, Y percent should be just above what you think you can easily reach. This is where software for keeping an eye on things comes in.

It not only keeps track of how long your employees work on certain jobs, but also how long they use certain tools and programs. This way, you can look at how the time is being used and come up with ways to improve the process. The effects are easy to measure because the software keeps track of past performance, so you can check your present progress against that to see how close you are to your goal.

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Growth of the Business

Getting more clients by taking on more jobs is probably going to be one of your goals as you try to grow your business. Tracking software for programs and websites can’t draw a map of your growth, but it can help you figure out how many jobs you can handle.

This is an example of how this method can help you set OKRs. After looking at how well each team did on their projects, you can figure out how to save more time and how much more work your workers can actually handle. Over time, this could lead to OKRs like taking on two more jobs every month.

Customer Happiness

It may seem like employee monitoring software has nothing to do with this, but some of its features can help you build better ties with clients.

To be more specific, we’re talking about the ability to restrict your clients’ access to the tracking data that is important to their projects. This can help you be more responsible and make your clients happier. With this in mind, you might want to set a key result so that X clients can view monitoring data. X can be any number. You might even decide that you want all of your present clients to be able to use this. Then, use this feature to keep track of how many people you’ve given access to, and maybe even ask them if it worked the way you wanted it to.


OKR has been a great business strategy for many global companies, so using it isn’t just trendy in the business world. It can also help your company find its direction, make sure everyone is working toward the same goals, and grow and develop. And in this effort, any help from tools like software for keeping an eye on employees can be very helpful. 

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