Pregnant Raccoon

How to know if a raccoon is pregnant? Well, it depends upon their mating season and how much time has passed since their late mate. So there are conditions from which you can know if a raccoon is pregnant or not. 

Raccoon Caring For Her Babies

Raccoons usually mate in the winter season. After 2 months of mating, the female raccoon gives birth to typical 3-4 babies. When a raccoon is pregnant, she will change its behavior and activities because she starts caring for her baby’s growth. Female raccoons will go to find safe, peaceful, and secure places where there are no predators so that they will concentrate on their baby’s growth until they are independent. But until they are not fully independent, mother raccoons don’t ever leave their babies. Because she knows if they go alone, they will become victims of wild animals. 

Raccoon Caring For Her Babies

When Do Raccoons Have Babies?

Can Babies Survive Without Their Mother?

It depends upon their age; newborn babies can’t survive without their mother because a mother has to feed milk to them. So it is difficult for the babies to survive without their mothers. The babies cry for the mother whenever the mother goes out for food. Mother raccoon takes care of their babies until they are not fully independent, so she spends most of her time with her babies because babes are in danger of falling from trees.

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Why is Female Raccoon in Your Attic?

Usually, female raccoons attic in your house due to some reasons. If a raccoon enters your attic in the spring season, then, of course, it will be a pregnant female raccoon. Female raccoons come to your attic to nurse their babies. As we previously discussed, female raccoons are so caring about their babies that they want to find a secure place to feed and nurse them, so that’s why she is in your house. If you are confused about whether it is male or female, if you see its protruding nipples, it is a female raccoon nursing her babies or in a final pregnancy stage. 

Female Raccoon in Your Attic

Raccoons Out During the Day

Raccoons Babies in your Attic. How Can You Know?

It is not mandatory that a single raccoon can be in your attic. Sometimes a single raccoon comes off, and sometimes, a female raccoon with her babies. So, how do you know if raccoon babies are in your attic? There are a few indicators from which you will know if there are babies in your attic or not.

1- Vocalizations

If you hear any different vocalizations or think it might not be of a single raccoon, it is confirmed that a female raccoon is with her babies. Because in the first week, mothers and babies are very vocal, so if you observe vocalizations, there are babies in your attic.

2- Observing

Keep observing the raccoon if you see it coming several times in or out. So it is confirmed that she is going for her babies. Because a female raccoon is so caring for her young so if you see a female raccoon coming many times, it is because she has to feed her babies with milk; that’s why she comes many times. 

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3- Voices

Keep observing the voices; if you hear many, there must be a family because almost all animals that break into attics make noises. So hearing loud voices and different sounds will be the best indicator that babies are in your attics. 

Raccoons Babies in your Attic

Do Raccoons Lay Eggs?

How to Deal with Baby Raccoons Carefully?

Baby raccoons are so weak and sensitive, so you have to be careful in dealing with them. 

  • The first thing is to confirm that raccoon babies are in your attic. If yes, then contact wildlife professionals for technicians who will carefully take the babies so there will be no loss for the babies. These technicians have professional training in dealing with wildlife animals. So they will help you to get out the babies safely.
  • Remove the babies carefully and make sure they don’t get into trouble.
  • After removing the babies, make sure that there is not any baby left behind. If anyone is left behind due to your extreme carelessness, the baby’s mother will be very distressed, so take special care of this.
  • After successfully removing all the babies, please place them in an insulated box so that a mother can easily locate her babies. And don’t forget to make an exit point of the insulated box.

It is important to keep the babies safe and ensure that the mother has her babies. Because if you have left the babies alone, they may fall victim to an animal. So please place them in a protected box and put them where it is convenient for the mother to find her babies.

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1- When do the pregnant raccoons come out?

A pregnant raccoon will usually come out during the day for food.

2- How long does it take for a pregnant raccoon to give birth?

The period for a pregnant raccoon to give birth is around 63-65 days.

3- When does the mother raccoon leave her baby alone?

Mother raccoons leave their babies alone whenever they go out for food during the day.

4- Do baby raccoons remember their home?

It depends upon age; if they are newly born, it is hard to remember anything because they can hardly walk or see, so it’s difficult to remember their home.

5- How long do siblings stay together?

Baby raccoons stay together with their family until they are around one year old and when they are fully independent.

Raccoon Rabies Signs


When an animal or a female human gets pregnant, their behavior and activities change because a baby is in their cage, so it is very important to take care of them. So as in pregnant raccoons, females care more about their babies. She wants a peaceful place to look after their babies and upbringing them. Because no one cares more than a mother, a mother will sacrifice her entire life for her children, but she will not let any trouble come upon them.

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