When Do Raccoons Have Babies?

Raccoons have their babies in early spring in the middle of March and April. There are few chances of surviving the first litter, so she may give birth to another litter for the second time in late June. 

Raccoons Mating Season

The Raccoons mating season is from January to March. You can say it is the peak season for a female raccoon to breed when the temperature gets warmer. Their gestation period is about 63-days. They give birth to an average of 3-4 babies in a litter in April or May. It is not mandatory to only mate this month; they mate if they want again.

Raccoons mating season

Do Raccoons Lay Eggs?

Do Raccoons Change Their Dens?

Raccoons’ dens are temporary; when they breed, they find new homes for their babies; they usually find old and already built homes. They prefer to live in hollow old trees. They also search homes or sheds when they don’t find such places because female raccoons don’t want any disturbance for their babies, so she finds the best place where they can feed and grow their babies well. 

Raccoons in their dens

Pregnant Raccoon

How Many Times Raccoons Mate Per Year?

It is observed from a study that a male raccoon can have 6 different mates in a season, and the females can mate 4 times per season. Males usually fight harshly with one another, and the supreme male gets success in mating. But this can also give weak males a chance to mate with females.

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How Long Do Baby Raccoons Stay After Their Birth?

Baby raccoons are blind and deaf after their birth. Mother raccoons take care of their babies very well. When they are almost three months old, they start walking and moving without their mother’s help. Female raccoons care about their babies wherever they go; their mother follows them, so there will be no danger. 

Baby raccoons, after three months, can forage their food. They can climb up trees independently; they don’t need any help. So when they can do everything, they leave or may stay with their mother until next spring. However, it is normal for baby raccoons to be left alone when their mother is outside foraging for food.

Baby Raccoons

Raccoons Out During The Day

Are Raccoons In Your House? How To Know

Raccoons are in your house; one of the main reasons is that when raccoons don’t find any hollow trees or suitable breeding places, they may find a house or attic. Because raccoons don’t need any disturbance in upbringing their babies, if they have chosen your house, it means that they like your house and can live in peace, and they do not have any problems for their babies.

Raccoon in house

Raccoon Rabies Signs

Can Raccoons Be Harmful At Home?

If raccoons are living in your house, they may harm you and your house. But they can be harmful to you when their babies become older. When they become older, their babies can disturb you and damage your home walls, furniture, and floor. So raccoons can be harmful when living in your house.

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How To Get Rid of a Raccoon?

If you are tired of raccoons and want to get rid of them, try these methods so they will leave your place.

1- By adding a motion-activated sprinkler

2- By using ultrasound damper devices

3- By hiding trash in your home

4- Keep the pet food far away from their eyes

5- By using ammonia

6- Use barriers to protect important areas of your home

If you pay attention to these things, hopefully, they will stay away from your home.


1- Where do raccoons make their dens?

Raccoons make their homes in tree cavities, hollows of trees, attics, piles of brushes, and even at your home.

2- Where do raccoons live?

Raccoons have multiple dens sites and don’t permanently leave their place. They will surely come to their last place if they make their dens in another place.

3- Why is it important to get free of raccoons?

It is important to get rid of raccoons when they are damaging your lawns, important damaging material, your furniture, and your garden. So that’s why you try to get rid of them.

4- Do baby raccoons cry without their mother?

Baby raccoons cry for their mother when their mother is out for food.

5- How do raccoons’ dens look like?

Their dens are usually hollows of a tree, logs, or areas in rocks. Raccoons prefer to make their dens near water because it’s easier to find food near such areas. 


Raccoons are very intelligent animals; they usually prefer to live in peaceful areas. It is why they want to have no shortage in the upbringing of their children, and they also don’t need any disturbance in their surroundings. It can also be why they stay at your home, so that was the answer that they only want peace. Anyhow what they do, they do it only for the baby’s purpose. Raccoons also prefer to make dens near water and for them, it is easy to find food. But the irritating thing is when they come to human houses, and the problem is not why they are here, the problem is that they damage many things, so we had to force them to leave our house. 

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