4 Noises That Scare Squirrels

You love your backyard and enjoy watching wildlife, but lately, those visits from squirrels have been getting out of hand. While some suggest traps and other gadgets, why not scare them away with noise first? In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the noises that scare squirrels (and other critters), so you can reclaim your outdoor living space.

Noises That Scare Squirrels:

Several noises may scare squirrels, including loud or sudden noises, unfamiliar sounds, and sounds made by predators. Some examples of noises that may scare squirrels include:

  • Loud noises, such as fireworks, construction, or loud music
  • Sudden noises, such as a car horn or a door slamming
  • Unfamiliar sounds, such as a new outdoor speaker or a strange object being moved
  • The sounds made by predators, such as the calls of hawks or the barks of dogs

What Sounds does the Squirrel Fear?

Like other animals, the fear response in squirrels is triggered by specific sounds. One of the most common is the Sound of a predator’s approach. It could be anything from the thumping of a wolf’s feet on the ground to the buzzing of a hawk in the sky. Another sound that a squirrel may fear is loud and sudden noises; for example if someone shouts or slams something onto the ground near them. Loud noises can startle a squirrel and make it flee from the area.

Finally, there are specific high-pitched frequencies that squirrels may find uncomfortable to hear and respond to defensively. While these are known to be effective at deterring some insects. They have also been tested with wild squirrels and shown some ability to scare them away.

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Are Squirrels Afraid of Hawks Noise?

Squirrels are afraid of the sounds made by hawks, especially if they perceive the hawk as a threat. Hawks are known to prey on small animals, including squirrels, so it is natural for squirrels to be cautious around them. If a squirrel hears the calls or cries of a hawk. It may become alarmed and try to take cover or escape the area to avoid being caught. Squirrels are also likely to be more alert and cautious when they see a hawk or other predator in the area. Some squirrels may be more sensitive to the presence of hawks than others, and some may be more successful at avoiding predators. What Sounds Do a Squirrel Make

What Sounds do Squirrels Scare Away From?

Squirrels use a variety of sounds to scare away other animals that may threaten them. By making loud noises such as yelps, chirps, and chatters, squirrels can alarm anything from predators to birds and other small animals that could intrude on their territory. These noises also communicate among the squirrels, serving to warn them against potential danger or inform them about nearby food sources. Additionally, vocalizing is observe amongst squirrels in courtship behavior as a mating call. Through these various methods of communicating with Sound, squirrels can better defend themselves and flourish within their home range.

Do Squirrels Hate Loud Sound?

It is a common misconception that, for some reason, squirrels find loud sounds and noises unpleasant. In actuality, most squirrels neither like nor dislike noise, as it does not naturally affect them. They cannot connect loud noises with any negative emotion. So their response to Sound is purely based on what their senses can detect. Too much loud, chaotic noise may annoy them as it will cause distraction from more important activities such as foraging. But it does not contribute to an overall fear or hatred of the noise itself. Therefore, although loud sounds may irritate some squirrels, this does not definitively mean those animals truly hate such sounds.

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What Sound can we Use to Scare and Drive Away Squirrels?

When it comes to keeping squirrels away, employing Sound as a deterrent strategy is effective. Many experts recommend using loud clangs or banging noises. This signals to the squirrels that humans are present and the area is unsafe. Ultrasonic noise from special devices designed to chase away animals can also be effective in scaring off squirrels and repelling them from areas humans don’t want around. Such devices emit ultrasonic waves that humans cannot hear but can frighten animals away, including squirrels. A whistle or megaphone is also recommend for deterring squirrels. As its high-pitched Sound can shock the critters and make them take flight.

What Sound can we Use to Scare and Drive Away Squirrels?

Can a Loud Frequency Sound kill a Squirrel?

While it is unlikely that a loud frequency sound could kill a squirrel, the animal may suffer some very unpleasant effects. This is because squirrels, like most small mammals, are sensitive to sound frequencies higher than humans typically hear. These short, high-pitched noises can be painful for smaller mammals, and prolonged exposure can cause permanent hearing damage. Scientists have studied the responses of rodents to these frequencies. They have determined that when exposed to them for long enough periods, animals may become disoriented or even suffer seizures or muscle contractions. It is wise to avoid exposing their delicate hearing to any unnecessary noise pollution.


1- Do squirrels like any noise?

Squirrels do not prefer one type of noise over another, as their response to Sound is purely based on what their senses can detect. They use different vocalizations, such as yelps, chirps, and chatters, to communicate with each other and warn against potential danger.

3- Is it possible to use Sound to kill squirrels?

No, it is not possible to directly kill a squirrel with Sound. However, prolonged exposure to loud frequencies can be painful for smaller mammals and may cause disorientation, seizures, or muscle contractions.

4- Do barking scare squirrels?

Yes, a loud bark from a pet dog or human can be used to scare squirrels away. While the noise does not necessarily contribute to a widespread fear or hatred of the Sound, it can alert the animal that humans are present and the area is unsafe.

5- Does loud music help to repel squirrels?

Yes, loud music can effectively keep squirrels away from an environment. This is because the Sound of music can alert them to human presence and may also confuse or irritate them enough that they decide to leave the area. In addition, some ultrasonic devices are designed to emit particular frequencies that repel animals like squirrels.


Sound can be an effective way of keeping squirrels away. Special ultrasonic devices, loud clangs, banging noises, whistles, and megaphones are all ways to repel them from areas humans don’t want around. It is important to note that while a loud frequency sound cannot kill the animal directly, it may cause disorientation, pain, and hearing damage with prolonged exposure. Therefore, it is best to use Sound as a squirrel pest control only when necessary. Ultimately, the best way to keep squirrels away from an environment is through preventive measures such as keeping garbage covered and sealing off possible entry points into homes or gardens.

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