Do Coffee Grounds Keep Squirrels Away?

Squirrels are funny animals, and they make fun with humans. People also enjoy these furry rodents while playing with them. These small rodents are so different from others. But some people don’t like them because they are evil and messy animals, and they hate them because they mess up their gardens. So to avoid this, many things can drive them away. But do coffee grounds keep squirrels away? Let’s discuss it.

What are Coffee Grounds?

Well, these are beans that are often used for making coffee. When people make coffee, there are some leftover grains or beans that are called used coffee grounds. But these leftover beans are thrown away as waste. Some people have also grown coffee grounds in their gardens. 

By adding coffee grounds to your garden, they can be a better option as a fertilizer because they are rich in nutrients. Coffee grounds contain many nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. So if you grow this in your garden as a fertilizer, it can work well.

What are Coffee Grounds?

Can Coffee Grounds Help Repel Squirrels? 

Yes, coffee grounds can help drive away squirrels because they don’t like the smell of coffee grounds. And there are also many other things whose smell they don’t like. The coffee ground smells bitter, and it doesn’t bother us, but this smell can repel squirrels. If there are coffee grounds in your garden, then they can be beneficial for driving squirrels away.

Can Coffee Grounds Help Repel Squirrels? 

Do Squirrels Like the Smell of Coffee?

If you see, squirrels don’t like bitter smells, and coffee gives a bitter odor. Due to its bitter smell, squirrels don’t like it, and whenever they go to the gardens, if they get the smell of coffee, they will run away.

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They don’t like the smell of either used or unused coffee. But between these two, used coffee gives a more pungent bitter smell, and if you use it for repelling squirrels, it can be helpful. So squirrels may avoid this smell and drive away.

Do Squirrels Like the Smell of Coffee?

How can we Use Ground Coffee to Scare Off Squirrels?

Well, it is not rocket science. There is an easy way to use ground coffee to repel squirrels. It would help if you dredged in areas where squirrels are most likely to be or where you have valuable plants so that they will never come to where you have sprinkled coffee beans.

Using used coffee is better than unused because the used coffee smell is so more potent and effective. When this smell reaches squirrels, they will not stay there for a minute and run away. To keep those coffee grounds fresh, you should sprinkle water after a few days. This will boost the aroma of the coffee, and its effect will remain precisely as it was at the start.

But it would help if you worried about this: whenever the wind blows, or rain comes, this will neutralize the effect of ground coffee, and its smell will not last long. This problem can also be solved only if you drink coffee daily or if you drink daily. So that way, you don’t have to worry. Only you have to empty that leftover coffee in your garden instead of throwing it into the trash.

How can we Use Ground Coffee to Scare Off Squirrels?

Which Ground Coffee Should we Use to Repel Squirrels?

You don’t need to worry about different brands of coffee. If it smells bitter, then it will work. Almost all ground coffee works and brands don’t matter. 

The only thing to think about is that you should only use espresso or coffee machines and avoid using instant ground coffee because it can’t give a more pungent smell than a coffee machine or gives a slight odor. So this will prove to be less effective in driving away squirrels.

Which Ground Coffee Should we Use to Repel Squirrels?

Benefits of Using Ground Coffee:

  1. If you or anyone in your household does not drink coffee, they can give ground coffee for free if you go to a coffee shop.
  2. Growing ground coffee in your garden can benefit your plants as it contains many nutrients, so many plants can thrive from it because it also works as fertilizer. But make sure to check the soil where you are growing coffee and also take care that you grow coffee in equal amounts because if added in more quantities, it can harm plants.
  3. Ground coffee can work more than other deterrents, as its smell is so strong compared to other deterrents. 
  4. Not only for squirrels but ground coffee can also work as a deterrent for other animals like deer, snails, and slugs. 
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Detriments of Using Ground Coffee:

  1. Ground coffee becomes neutralized after rain. 
  2. Coffee can become ineffectual in front of other repellents as they can be more effective than ground coffee.
  3. Ground coffee can be harmful to your pets if your pet eats it in large quantities, as it is toxic for them so it can be fatal to pets. So if your garden has a lot of ground coffee, keeping your pets away from it is better.

How Can Squirrels Be Harmful to Gardens?

Squirrels can be harmful to gardens;

  1. If you have bird feeders in your garden, they will eat birds’ seeds.
  2. They can damage plants by messing up or by digging into them.
  3. Squirrels can eat fruits, flowers, and leaves from your plants because they like them most.
  4. Squirrels carry harmful diseases that can negatively affect you, your plants, and your pets.
How Can Squirrels Be Harmful to Gardens?


1- Can ground coffee repel rabbits?

Ground coffee can repel rabbits because they don’t like its smell. Also, other animals, like squirrels, slugs, snails, and ants, hate ground coffee.

2- How to put ground coffee in the garden to keep squirrels away?

There is no proper way to grow it. Just sprinkle it away in your garden. If it rains, you have to respray it in your garden because it is effectless after rain.

4- Can squirrels make attics in our homes?

Yes, in urban areas, squirrels may need to adapt to stay warm and safe and hide from predators. There they make homes and nests and raise their young.

5- Can plants help repel squirrels?

Yes, many plants can repel squirrels. If there is a flower bed in your garden, you can protect it by growing garlic or onion in your garden. Some other plants they don’t like, such as daffodils, geraniums, and hyacinths.


Well, instead of ground coffee, there are also so many different ways to keep squirrels away. But this method can help drive squirrels away and is less expensive than others. It would be better if anyone in your family drinks coffee daily so you can sprinkle it in your garden daily. Or if there is no family member that drinks coffee, so no worries, go to any coffee shop where they will give you used coffee for free. 

Ground coffee can be an excellent option to avoid spending money on deterrents. Also, it is reliable and works. So we have explained all about ground coffee and whether it can help repel squirrels. 

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