Do Snakes Poop?

Pooping is a natural process in all living organisms. Whenever we eat something and when it is digested, we excrete it as poop. It is a natural thing that happens in every living thing. But do snakes poop? Well, for snakes, the answer is also yes because it is a natural process that happens to all other animals, so it also happens with snakes.

We saw snakes poop, but is the way they poop the same as other animals? The snake pooping process is a little different from others. We will further discuss snake pooping.

How Do Snakes Poop?

The snake secretion process also depends upon species and how much they eat or how often they eat. The time they poop or their food evacuates on when they had their last meal.

When the snake food is lower or decreased, and when they need to poop, they can get their poop out from their anal opening. The opening can be found at the beginning of the snake’s tail. 

How Do Snakes Poop?

How Often Do Snakes Poop?

Well, it depends upon when snakes have their last meal. It also depends upon species. For example, rat snakes poop after 2-3 days, and bush vipers poop between 4-7 days. 

Snake pooping also depends upon temperature or heat, and snakes are not like other mammals that do regulate their body temperature because they are ectothermic. For snakes, it is essential to give them proper heat with heat bulbs or heat mats to maintain their body temperature. Snakes’ metabolism rate reduces when the temperature of their surroundings is cold; when their metabolic rate decreases, they will not poop, possibly because they stop eating food.

How Does Snake Poop Look Like?

When the snake poops or excretes waste, it excretes feces and white urine; there is more liquid than solid. You can say that snakes eliminate a mixture of feces and urine. Snake poop may contain fur when they have eaten rats or mice.

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Here is a question related to this what is the color of their poop? Well, for younger or smaller snakes, the poop color is brown, like other animals. It is also hard to distinguish snake poop from other mammals. Because different animals only poop from the anal opening, the snakes excrete a mixture of poop, and the color of this mixture is white. So snake poop is different.

How Does Snake Poop Look Like?

What To Do if Snake Stop Pooping?

When you see that your snake is not pooping for many days and not eating well, it means its body temperature is not suitable. Check the temperature of your snake enclosure. If you feel that the temperature is lower, you should increase the temperature so the temperature will get warmer, increasing your snake’s metabolic rate, which may cause your snake to poop.

Suppose your snake is not pooping enough or pooping normally after setting the temperature according to your snake’s needs. In that case, you should take it to the exotic veterinarian. They will check your snake with radiographs. Warm water soaks can also help increase stomach mobility, and this will help the snake poop.

Does Snakes Poop Make Smell?

Snake poop makes an exceedingly awful smell. Snakes’ undigested food causes this smell. But why do snakes give a poor smell? It depends upon the snake’s diet. Herbivore animals like cows and buffaloes eat green food, so their poop is not smelly like snakes that eat high-protein food. The poop smell differs in animals that eat green food and high protein food, like snakes. Animals like snakes that consume high protein food, their poop smell is nasty compared to the poop of herbivores.

How Often Snakes Eat Food?

You also know that snakes eat less and more infrequently than other animals. But how long can snakes go without eating? Snakes can mostly live around two months without eating food, and the ball python can live around six months without eating. But it also depends upon the species’ size, age, and when they had their last meal.

Smaller snakes usually need to eat twice per week, and the snakes that are a bit larger than them or that are mature can have to eat once per week. So they don’t often eat. Usually, they eat once or twice per week, but they live without food if they are in situations where they can’t find food or there is no food available, so they can survive there and live for months without a meal.

How Often Snakes Eat Food?

Can Snakes Have Parasites in Their Poop?

Yes, parasites can be found in snake poop. Veterinarians can find parasites in snake poop with the help of looking into a microscope. Parasites usually found in snake feces are worms, roundworms, hookworms, and pinworms. 

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Runny stool and lack of appetite are common symptoms of parasite infection. In critical condition, the stool may be bloody. The common parasites in snake poop are amoebas, protozoans, coccidia, and flagellates. All these parasites are so tiny and can be seen by microscope.

Parasites are not suitable for snake health. Due to this, the condition of the snake can also deteriorate. Most parasite treatments are successful, and the patient may recover in a few weeks, but sometimes it becomes difficult to treat, and they can also need deworming and antibiotics.

Can Snakes Have Parasites in Their Poop?

How do Veterinarians Check Parasites in Snakes by Fecal Float?

Well, if we see, there are different ways to check and look for parasites. Fecal float is one way or a veterinary test to diagnose worm eggs. The veterinarians apply this test to detect the mature parasite’s eggs inside the snake’s feces. 

They mix the snake feces with a liquid in a tube, and a slide is placed on the top of the tube. After ten minutes of removing the slide, the tube is inspected under a microscope. The liquid we had mixed with snake waste material can separate the eggs from the feces, which will then stick with the slide, and then the veterinarians will see those eggs with the microscope.

By inspecting it under the microscope, the veterinarian can determine what type of parasite egg the snake has.

How to check parasites in snakes by fecal float?

Does a Veterinarian Deworm a Snake?

Parasites diagnosis is treated well in snakes, and most treatments are successful, and the snake also recovers within a few weeks. But in some critical conditions, those usual treatments don’t work as well, so the veterinarian uses some dewormers such as oral liquids or injections to treat parasites. 

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The veterinarians put a speculum and a rubber tube inside the snake’s mouth. The tube must be placed carefully in their mouth so it can’t enter their trachea. Then they fill an injection with dewormer and put the medication into the tube. The veterinarian will hold the snake for a few minutes so that the medication will flow into the snake’s stomach. 

In this way, veterinarians treat the parasite with deworms.


2- What to do after handling our snakes?

It is expected that pet lovers often handle their snakes and they wrap their snakes around their bodies. But it can be dangerous while holding your snake, carrying different bacteria that can harm humans. So it is essential that you wash your hands after handling your snake.

3- How often does a snake poop in the wild?

Snakes don’t poop daily in the wild because they don’t have to follow the food schedule as in captivity. So the smaller snakes poop after 2-3 days, and enormous snakes, like pythons, poop one or two times per week.

4- Can snakes get constipation?

Yes, snakes can cause constipation. When they have eaten a large meal, and it takes a long time to digest, the snake can face difficulty forcing the poop out of the cloaca.

5- Does the snake poop too much?

Snakes don’t poop too much because of their infrequent diet. They likely feces the minimum frequency of just about any animal.


Snake pooping is much different from other animals. In the wild, they don’t overeat because their once-eaten meal is enough for them to survive for two months. So they don’t poop daily. They must follow their food schedule in captivity, so they poop at least once a week. 

So this was all about snake poop. We have explained everything about snake pooping, how they poop, how their poop looks, how they can be treated while parasites, and more. 

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