Do Snakes Sleep?

Do snakes sleep? Well, it’s a good question that do they sleep or not. Snakes don’t have eyelids, so they’ve got a precise scale that covers their eye, so obviously, they don’t shut their eyes when they go to sleep as we do. But they sleep with their eyes open. Some humans do that as well a bit freaky.

Where Do Snakes Sleep?

Some snakes go down to dark burrows or under logs between rocks and find a dark place to get some sleep. When they sleep, even when their eyes are open, their brain waves slow down their heart rate, decrease that slows down they have slower breathing, their muscles relax, and they become still, and that is when they are sleeping.

In short, snakes do sleep, but you never really know for sure if a snake is sleeping or not.

Do Snakes Sleep?

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How Long Do Snakes Sleep a day?

Studies show that snakes can sleep up to around 16 hours every day, even long after they’ve had something to eat. So you can usually tell if a snake’s asleep because they are still entirely unresponsive. But it’s not always the case so. 

Some snakes, as we know, are ambush predators, so they lie still. These snakes look like they’re asleep, but even though they’re not moving. They are completely alert and awake, waiting for prey to walk past and eat them.

How Long Do Snakes Sleep a day?

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How Can You Tell That Your Snake is Sleeping?

It is an essential point about how you can tell that your snake is sleeping, even knowing it can’t close its eyes. It is correct that snakes don’t have eyelids, so it means they can’t close their eyes. But there is a transparent layer of scales that covers and protects their eyes; this transparent layer is called brille, which is on both their eyes. So now it is clear that snakes sleep without closing their eyes. Now you can tell whether your snake is sleeping or not.

How Can We Tell the Sleeping Position of a Snake?

Whether the snake sleeps or wakes is the same thing. But there are some signs by which you can tell their sleeping position, and you can also tell the difference between awake and asleep. Here are the signs:

  1. It is their habit that they stay in one position for hours. 
  2. If they are not flicking their tongues as usual, so they might be sleeping.
  3. If they are not making any movements, then possibly they are sleeping.
  4. They are asleep if you open their cage and don’t move.

So these are the primary signs you can quickly tell your snake’s sleeping position. 

Snake Sleeping Position

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Can a Snake Bite a Sleeping Person?

Instead of venomous snakes, pet snakes can have more chances to bite you. If you handle your pet often and play with it, then there are more chances they can bite you if you are asleep. Studies have found that around 25+ people have been bitten by mulga snakes at midnight when they are asleep. So there are more chances for a pet snake that it will bite you are asleep.

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Are Snakes Diurnal or Nocturnal?

When a snake sleeps depends on what species it is, so some snakes are diurnal, which means they are usually active in the daytime and sleep primarily at night. Some are nocturnal, meaning they mainly come out at night and mainly sleep in the daytime. So some snakes sleep a bit during the day and at night.

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When Do Snakes Hibernate?

When does a snake hibernate? Well, not all snakes hibernate. Snakes hibernate, just the ones that will live in temperate areas that will get colder. Snakes are ectothermic, so their internal body temperature is decided upon by external sources, be it the sun, a heated rock, or whatever. 

So a snake is good; the snakes that do hibernate will hibernate in the late fall to early winter months. The key to hibernation is that the snake has the correct indicators to tell it to hibernate. So a snake that is not allowed to be out in the wild slowly or gradually has the temperature dropping and slowly or gradually has the amount of daylight available to him. Getting smaller, he does not have the correct indicators that it’s time to hibernate because a snake has to prepare for hibernation and eat a little bit more. They have to fatten up and find a place that’s going to be proper for them to hibernate in. 

Now, if you are attempting to hibernate a snake in captivity so you can do that by shortening lighting hours and by bringing the temperature slowly down over a month or two-month period; make sure that you do offer the snake more before doing this and always make sure you have water available in the event the snake does awaken from his hibernation. It is important that they need to rehydrate during an intermittent period.  

When Do Snakes Hibernate?

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1- Do snakes blink their eyes?

Snakes don’t have eyelids, so they don’t blink their eyes.

2- Can snakes see when they are sleeping?

Well, snakes don’t see when they are asleep. Snakes don’t have eyelids, but they can close their retinas.

3- How many hours does the snake sleeps per day?

Snakes sleep around 16 hours a day. Hours go up when they hibernate.

4- Do snakes cry?

They don’t have eyelids, so they don’t cry.

5- Can we wake up the sleeping snake?

It is better to leave them alone and let them wake up on their own.


Snakes are different from all other animals. They have different physics than all other animals. You have also seen that they sleep with their open eyes. But snakes’ movements and their way of predicting everything are different compared to other animals. Snakes are different and exciting animals. Only a snake keeper can guess his behavior, and no anyone to understand them. You have to live with them and give them time.

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