Snakes Mating Season

Usually, snakes mating season occurs in winter. The female snake usually goes for finding a mate after summer. There is a proper phenomenon from which female and male snakes mate. Female snake unique scent pheromones from their back skin glands; when she moves all day, she leaves their scent wherever she goes. And when the male smells the scent, he chases it and finds the female, then they both mate.

Dependency of Snake Mating On Climate

There are thousands of snake species worldwide, and each has its mating season. Snakes mating season also depends upon climate, habitat, and species type. So we can not say that each snake mates in the same season. 

Well, it is difficult to cover all snake species and their mating season, so there are some that we will cover in this blog. 

1- Inland Taipan Mating Season

Inland taipans are native to Inland and central Australia; inland taipans are highly venomous snakes worldwide. As they live in an uninhabitable part of the country, it can be challenging to tell their breeding behavior. Mostly scientists or wildlife observers estimate their mating season by observing them in captivity. However, their mating starts in the spring, between August and December. 

Inland Taipan Mating Season

2- Eastern Brown Snake Mating Season

Eastern brown snakes are native to Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea and are found in grasslands, pastures, and woodlands. Although, eastern brown snakes prefer to live in all habitats except rainforests. Now, if we talk about their mating season, the eastern brown snakes also mate in spring, like inland taipans. They mate from early October and onwards.

Eastern Brown Snake Mating Season

3- Tiger Snake Mating Season

Tiger snakes are native to South Australia, and few of them in arid. They are ground-dwelling snakes that can be seen near rivers, swamps, and creeks. These snakes have been seen climbing small trees and shrubs. Tiger snakes mate throughout the summer. January and February are the peak months of their mating.

Tiger Snake Mating Season

4- Black Mamba Mating Season

Black mambas are native to sub-Saharan Arica. These snakes are the most venomous species of this continent and the second most extended and venomous specie in the world. They are the most venomous snakes and can move very fast, 16-20 km/h. Black mamba mate in early spring and lay eggs in mid of summer. They only breed once per year.

Black Mamba Mating Season

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5- Indian Cobra Mating Season

Indian cobras are found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and southern Nepal. They live in dense plains, wetlands, and agricultural fields (rice and wheat) and can also be found in urban or populated areas. The mating season of Indian cobras occurs between mid of February and March.

Indian Cobra Mating Season

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6- King Cobra Mating Season

King cobras are native to northern India, east to southern China, Hong Kong, and Hainan. They are the most venomous snakes in the world, and their one bite injects a high volume of venom. King cobras prefer to live in dense bamboo thickets, agricultural lands, mangrove swamps, and open forests. They usually mate between January and April. 

When do king cobra mate?

7- Gaboon Viper Mating Season

These snakes live in rainforests and wetlands of Central, East, and West Africa. Their venom is very dangerous. If it enters the human body, it can be fatal. Gaboon vipers have 2 inches long fangs, making them the longest fang of all other venomous snakes in the world. Their breeding period is between September and December.

Gaboon Viper Mating Season

8- Rinkhals Mating Season

Rinkhals are native to South Africa. Its venom is dangerous, but not so much as cobras and vipers. Rinkhals venom is not so dangerous as it kills you but is painful. Their mating season starts from June till August.

When do rinkhals mate?

9- Copperheads Mating Season

Copperhead’s fang length depends upon the snake’s length. The longer the snake and longer the fangs. Fangs contain hemolytic venom, hemolytic venom is very dangerous, and when it enters a human’s body, it kills all red blood cells. They usually mate in spring.

Copperheads Mating


2- How many times do snakes mate per year?

It depends upon the species. Some snake species mate multiple times per year, while some do not.

3- What do snakes do after mating?

Males and females separate from each other after the eggs have been fertilized. The female may lay eggs instantly, depending upon the snake specie. 

4- What is the gestation period of snakes?

The gestation period is usually around 28 to 45. 

5- What is the lifespan of snakes in captivity?

Snakes live more in captivity than in actual wildlife because they are kept with proper care and diet. The average life of a snake in captivity is between 15 to 30 years.


Every snake specie has its mating season. We can not guess the mating season of all species by knowing only one specie because each specie mating duration and season is different from one other. Snake kingdom is so vast, and every specie lives in its habitat. But here, a question appears: why do snakes have different mating seasons? The simple answer to this question is that their mating season depends on specie type, age, and habitat. So it depends on a lot of things.

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