Can Squirrels Eat Bananas

A squirrel’s diet consists of many things, and they eat anything available. But can squirrels eat bananas? Most people think that squirrels only eat nuts, acorns, and different vegetables, but they don’t know that banana is also a fruit that these small rodents enjoy eating.

Let’s discuss squirrels’ feeding habits, and we will know how much squirrels love bananas.

Can Squirrels Eat Bananas?

There are many things that squirrels can eat. They like all things, including nuts, berries, seeds, acorns, fruits, vegetables, and whatever you give to them. And if we talk about bananas, they eat them very fondly because bananas boost their sugar level and provide much energy to crawl around.

Bananas contain rich vitamins and minerals, but they also have sugar that is not good for squirrels’ health. If they eat bananas in high quantities, then it can cause health issues for them. If you have a pet squirrel, you should give them one or two slices per day and don’t have more. 

Can Squirrels Eat Bananas?

What is the Nutritional Value of Bananas?

Banana is a good source of carbohydrates and potassium. When the banana becomes more overripe, the fibers then convert into sugars, as a pure yellow banana; has more sugars than a green banana.

A medium banana provides around 105 calories, which is 10X more than an apple. It contains three sugar sources that are fructose, sucrose, and glucose. But they are low in fat and protein, i.e., 1.5 grams per banana. Banana also benefits the digestive system as it contains around 3 grams of fiber per banana.

There are also other health benefits of eating bananas as it contains potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Vitamin A in bananas helps better vision, and also it helps in relieving the disease of anemia

Well, all these vitamins are beneficial for the health of squirrels but eating too many bananas is not suitable for squirrels. Because the sugars in it can spoil their health, giving them only one or two slices a day is better.

Can Squirrels Eat Banana Peels?

Squirrels like to eat bananas but don’t eat their peel, so it is not a part of their diet. Banana peels are rich in nutrients, and some animals also eat banana peels. These peels are mainly used as feedstock for goats, cattle, rabbits, monkeys, pigs, fishes, zebras, and many other species. 

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Banana peel contains cellulose in a high amount that humans and animals can’t digest. Some animals, such as horses, goats, and sheep, can digest banana peels because they have an enzyme that helps them to digest cellulose so these animals can eat banana peels and can digest it.

Some non-organic bananas are sprayed with different fertilizers, i.e., synthetic herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides in high amounts that are harmful to squirrels and can have a negative impact on their health. It can also cause their death. But banana peels are not delicious as bananas, and squirrels also dislike them. So peel, eating is rare among squirrels.

Can Squirrels Eat Banana Chips?

Not all but some squirrels, i.e., red and grey, would like to eat banana chips. These squirrels often eat banana chips, which are also part of their diet. Because squirrels like dried fruits, they also like banana chips, which are also included in dried fruits.

The sugar that single-ounce banana chips contain is around 147 calories which is a lot more than a banana, and sugar is added to make it sweeter. Also, banana chips contain more saturated fats with low nutrients than a banana. 

In comparison to banana and banana chips, a banana is better than chips because a single banana contains less sugar than a single ounce of banana chips, so if your squirrel is a banana lover, it is better to feed it a banana than chips.

Can a Squirrel Eat Banana Bread?

It depends upon what type of banana bread it is and how it is made because high sugar harms squirrels. Let’s say we buy banana bread from a bakery store. It is loaded with sugars because it is made of different artificial flavors and is also not rich in nutrients, which means it is not beneficial for squirrels.

On the other hand, self-made banana bread is more beneficial for squirrels as it is rich in nutrients because it is made from fresh fruit with less sugar and does not contain artificial flavors. So it becomes more nutrient than banana bread bought from the store. 

Fresh, homemade banana bread is 100 times more nutritious than artificial-flavored banana bread. It is better to give squirrels often’ a fresh slice of banana bread. It will also add more flavor to their diet.  

Can Squirrels Eat Banana Leaves?

As you know, squirrels are wild animals, who know how to get an advantage. And they love to eat banana leaves. If you have a banana tree in your house and you see that its leaves are consumed and bananas are also missing from its top, it is the work of squirrels. 

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Squirrels will eat banana leaves and flowers and take the fruits with them. If the same is valid with your banana tree, then it is confirmed that the grey squirrels and fox squirrels are feasting on your banana tree.

Do Flying Squirrels Eat Bananas?

Flying squirrels are slightly different from other types of squirrels because it is easy to take care of their dietary needs. And secondly, they are social animals, and many things are included in their diet. Flying squirrels will eat berries, acorns, walnuts, seeds, pecans, broccoli, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, corn, and mycorrhizae mushrooms. The fruits they eat are apples, grapes, peaches, oranges, plums, pears, as well as bananas.

The flying squirrel’s nutrition plan is more judgmental than other squirrels because of their small size. Also, they are more sensitive to food deficit, so giving them low-sugar food with more proteins and nutrients is recommended. And since the sugar level in bananas is higher, it is better to provide them with a small slice of banana once a week. If fed less, they will not suffer from any disease.

Is it Safe to Feed Bananas to Baby Squirrels?

Baby squirrels have a particular diet and can’t eat solid food until they are six weeks old. Because before that, they fed only their mother’s milk, so it would not be wise to provide them with bananas like this. After six weeks, they will be able to eat solid food such as sweet potatoes, apples, kale, nuts, and fruits. But you can feed them bananas in small quantities, provided that sugar does not affect them badly.

Because they are not yet ready to eat bananas, it is better not to feed them, but if you want to provide them, feed them a little bit of crushed banana so that there is no harmful effect on their health.

Is Dried Bananas Safe for Squirrels?

People enjoy eating dried fruits, and why not? They are so delicious. Squirrels will also want to eat dried fruits if fed. But the sugar level in a dried banana is more than a typical banana, which is harmful to squirrels. And mostly we buy dried bananas from shops instead of drying them ourselves.

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The dried fruits we buy from shops are added with chemicals; we can devour them because those chemicals cannot harm us, but squirrels can be harmful. They can spend it and enjoy eating, but it can be detrimental.


1- Which animals can eat banana peels?

Mainly banana peels are used as feedstock for animals like cattle, monkeys, pigs, cows, rabbits, zebras, and fishes.

2- Can birds eat banana peels?

Birds can eat a banana but not the peels as it can be dangerous for birds because banana peels contain cellulose which birds can’t digest.

3- Can deer eat banana peels?

Deers can easily digest banana peels because they have digestive solids and can easily digest cellulose. If they are affected by pesticides, then very little.

4- Can Raccoons eat banana peels?

Raccoons eat both plants and animals and will eat fruits, but banana peels are not added to their natural diet. If raccoons eat banana peels, they lead to stomach diseases and diarrhea.

5- Can rats eat banana peels?

Rats can eat bananas, and they can also eat their peels only if the banana peels are free from pesticides. You can also feed them by washing the banana peel well.


A squirrel’s diet consists of many things, and they eat anything available. There are also many delicious fruits that squirrels eat, including bananas. Also, bananas contain rich nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. As bananas are so rich in nutrients, squirrels also like to eat them. Also, one thing that can affect their health is their high sugar level. 

Squirrels eat bananas, but banana peels are not part of their diet. If squirrels eat banana peels, it will harm their health. Also, banana peels are not delicious as bananas, so it is also the reason that squirrels don’t like banana peels. Peels are used mainly by feedstock animals, and squirrels can’t eat them. 

So all the queries related to our topic are now cleared and explained, and we have clarified everything.

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