Do Squirrels Eat Bugs

Squirrels eat various foods, including fruits, nuts, corn, seeds, a high protein food such as meat, and insects. Insects are part of squirrels’ diet, so they eat bugs. They are omnivores which means that they rely on both plants and animals. To maintain their internal system, squirrels often need high-protein food such as insects and meat. So insects are included in their diet.

A high-protein diet is not an official diet for squirrels. Squirrels’ daily diet is a variety of fruits, nuts, and seeds. But to get protein and calcium, they need high-protein food to maintain their body system. We will further explain this topic.

Which Insects Do Squirrels Eat?

Squirrels eat various insects, including crickets, grasshoppers, caterpillars, butterflies, beetles, larvae, bees, bugs, and many more, because insects are rich in diet and can give enough protein to squirrels. Hence, they often need to eat insects.

Well, some people even don’t know that squirrels eat insects. They think they only eat fruits and nuts, but the reality is different. Squirrels eat many other foods in the wild. They eat whatever they can get. Even insects are the natural diet of squirrels in the wild. 

Fruit is the favorite diet of squirrels. Squirrels eat apples, berries, cherries, grapes, mangoes, oranges, and others. Squirrels only eat bugs when there is a challenging situation and they find scarce finding food.

Do Squirrels Hunt Insects?

Well, hunting can be a wrong word. Squirrels often go out for foraging food, and if they don’t get their favorite food, they will turn into insects. You can say insects as the natural diet of squirrels. Sometimes if they come across injured insects, they eat them too, and if they find a dead insect, they can also eat it. 

Although squirrels don’t like insects like other food, under compulsion, they have to eat them because they have to live. They are forced to eat insects to survive if they don’t get their favorite food.

Do Squirrels Eat Ants?

Ants are rich in food and provide protein to squirrels. Squirrels can eat ants if they don’t find their preferred food. However, ant is not their preferred food, but they are an excellent source of protein for them. 

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If squirrels eat 100 grams of red ants, it will provide 14 grams of protein to them. And also, they will get 50 grams of calcium and iron in good quantity. Ant food is also considered low-calorie food for squirrels. They don’t need to overeat for good health due to ant-rich nutrients. However, they provide sufficient protein to squirrels.

Do Squirrels Eat Worms?

Like ants, worms are also rich in nutrients and provide protein, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, and manganese to squirrels. Squirrels will eat worms when they don’t find nuts or seeds to eat. Worms also contain a high level of amino acids, which helps squirrels repair body tissues and break down food.

You also know that worms only appear on land after rain, so how do squirrels search for worms? Let me tell you that squirrels are big diggers, and due to this, they often dig underground; they can find their worms too, so they don’t need to wait for the rain that rain comes, and they will eat worms, no.

Do Squirrels Eat Mealworms?

There are two types of mealworms, live or dried, and squirrels will like to eat both because they are a good source of providing around 17% of protein and 14% of fats to squirrels. So mealworms be a perfect diet for squirrels.

Squirrels are well known for swooping food and taking their share when they get the chance. If you often feed chickens or birds with mealworms squirrels, maybe the Squirrels are watching all this and will take their share when they have a chance. If you regularly feed chickens mealworms, you should purchase a squirrel-proof feeder so they will not steal their food.

Do Squirrels Eat Cockroaches?

Squirrels have difficulty catching cockroaches, but if they get a chance to catch them, they will eat them. Eating cockroaches will provide healthy nutrients to squirrels. The nutrients squirrels get from cockroaches include a high amount of calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

As we said, squirrels find it hard to catch cockroaches, so if you see a squirrel eating cockroaches, it may be injured because it can’t catch them easily. And squirrels will eat only if they don’t find other food sources, but still, they don’t prefer to eat them. There are also many sources of food. This is possible only when there is absolutely nothing for them to eat, and this is the only solution. So they can go to eat cockroaches. It would be even better for them if they found an injured cockroach.

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Do Squirrels Eat Caterpillars?

When squirrels’ preferred food is unavailable, they will eat caterpillars. Caterpillars are also a good source of nutrients for squirrels. Well, the nutrition level the squirrels gain from caterpillars depends upon their size and species of them.

 Squirrels have difficulty catching other insects like cockroaches, but they don’t find it challenging to catch caterpillars. So it is easier to catch caterpillars than other insects. If squirrels eat turkey legs of caterpillars, they will gain more protein and fats per gram. However, proteins and fats are found in sufficient quantity in caterpillars.

Do Squirrels Eat Mosquitoes?

Generally, squirrels don’t eat mosquitoes because they are tough to catch. You also know that mosquitoes are pesky for humans, and so are squirrels.

If squirrels eat mosquitoes, it can only happen while trying to beat the irritating pest; they catch mosquitoes. It can also be called a sudden effect. Eating mosquitoes can also be good enough to provide nutrients to squirrels, but they don’t like to eat them.

Do Squirrels Eat Snails?

If squirrels are hungry, they will eat snails. Snails can be very beneficial for squirrels as they contain high concentrations of lysine, polyunsaturated fatty acids, calcium, and vitamin A. So if squirrels eat snails, they will get higher benefits and nutrients.

Squirrels can also get a high amount of amino acids after eating snails. The only negative impact of eating snails is that they will contain more cholesterol than usual.

Do Squirrels Eat Snails?

Do Squirrels Eat Spiders?

Squirrels eat spiders occasionally because they are not commonly included in squirrels’ diets. But if squirrels can’t find nuts and other food sources, spiders can be a good option for them to eat. But there are also some venomous spider species that they should avoid eating. 

The amount of nutrients the squirrels get from eating spiders depends upon the size and variety. However, spiders provide nutrients such as zinc, protein, and folic acid. This squirrel’s body will become healthy and oxygenated because the nutrients squirrels get from spiders will keep the red blood cells of squirrels healthy.

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1-  Do squirrels eat lawn grubs?

Squirrels will eat lawn grubs when they find them scarce in food. It provides high energy to squirrels because they contain a high level of fat and protein so they can be a good food source.

2- Do squirrels eat slugs?

Squirrels will eat slugs if they don’t get their favorite food. Slugs can give beneficial nutrients to squirrels. So slugs can be a good choice for them.

3- Do squirrels eat frogs?

Eating frogs can be a good choice for squirrels. When they have difficulty finding nuts and seeds, they eat frogs. Also, squirrels eat frogs when insects and other meat sources are unavailable.

4- Do squirrels eat cicadas?

Cicada is stuffed with proteins that are a good food source for squirrels, and they also enjoy eating them. Squirrels mostly eat those cicadas which can’t fly. 

5- Do squirrels eat butterflies?

If nuts and fruits are unavailable for squirrels to gain protein, they will also eat butterflies and larvae.


Squirrels eat various food, including different fruits, nuts, corn, seeds, and high-protein food such as meat and insects like bugs. However, a high protein diet is not the official diet of squirrels, but for regulating their body system and for protein, they will eat a high protein diet. The insects in squirrels’ diets include grasshoppers, beetles, larvae, bugs, butterflies, caterpillars, and many more. They give insects second preference because it is not their favorite diet. 

Every living organism needs a healthy diet to get protein and calcium to maintain its body system and survive. Hence, squirrels also need a high-protein diet, including insects, to get more protein and other nutrients for a healthy body.  So squirrels can eat all these bugs that we have discussed.

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