Do Squirrels Eat Birds?

Squirrels are not as they seem; they are wild animals that eat every small thing. They will eat whatever you give them, and you must have seen yourself eating them often. But have you ever seen squirrels eating birds? As far as I think that these rodents don’t eat such things in public places. Well, I don’t even see them eating birds in public places or where there are many peoples.

People often watched them eat the fruits and nuts that they liked most. Some people also bring food for them whenever they come to parks. Do they eat birds, are squirrels predators of birds, or what to do if squirrels eat bird’s food? Well, these are all queries that we will cover in this blog.

Do Squirrels Eat Birds?

Squirrels are furry animals, and they are loved by humans, too, because they entertain them. These rodents are too foody and will eat anything you give them. But because they are wild rodents, their diet includes their habitat. Squirrels need a high-protein diet to maintain their body system and to get protein, so they eat small insects, frogs, lizards, and other small animals to gain protein. 

According to studies and some experiments, squirrels’ stomachs and internal organs are around 75% of animal matter. So it proves that squirrels do eat birds. But squirrels don’t often eat such high-protein food. If their daily routine diet, such as nuts, berries, and corn, is available to them, they won’t go for eating birds. They only eat birds when there is no other food option.

Generally, squirrels eat birds in the winter season because, in this season, they don’t collect enough food or also when they forget where they have stored their food. So when these possible situations occur, squirrels eat birds, and they mostly eat young birds, or they also eat dead birds that are lying on the ground. They will pick those dead birds and start eating them.

An exciting thing about squirrels is that it is not necessary that squirrels only eat birds. Squirrels sometimes do play with dead birds. When their bellies are full, or they don’t want to eat anything, and they see a dead bird on the ground, they pick it up and play with it, making it their toy.

Do Squirrels Eat Birds?

Do Squirrels Hunt Birds?

Well, this is an interesting question, do squirrels hunt birds? We know that squirrels can’t track a flying bird because they can’t fly except flying squirrels. But tree squirrels that often live on trees do they hunt birds? Squirrels are so fast rodents they can even easily climb on trees. But the fact is that they don’t hunt birds. Squirrels only eat bird eggs and dead birds that are either killed by an animal or fall from their nest. 

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Squirrels are clever animals, and they are also called nest robbers. They often steal bird eggs from their nests. When they don’t find baby birds in the nests, and they find eggs, they will steal them. They will steal both of them if they see both young birds and eggs. So that’s why they are called nest robbers.

You can say squirrels as predators of birds, or maybe not. The truth is that they are not predators of birds because they do not directly hunt them. They only eat those birds that are already dead or lying on the ground. We can also call squirrels bird hunters as they are nest robbers, and they steal young birds and eggs from nests, so that’s how we can call them predators of birds.

Do Squirrels Hunt Birds?

What Birds Are Squirrels Scared Of?

Squirrels prey on bird eggs, small birds, and bird nests. They don’t feel any hesitation while robbing those from the nests. However, some big birds can overpower squirrels, and squirrels may be afraid of them. Squirrels are rodents so fast, and they are also so small that some birds can easily prey on them. The common bird that is well-known for eating rodents is the owl.

Owls often prey on squirrels like small rodents, mostly at night. They are known for eating small rodents and prey on amphibians, fishes, and reptiles, and they can easily overpower snakes. They are natural predators. So in that sense, rodents are a small thing in front of them. Due to this, some people also use fake owl dolls to drive away the squirrels because they eat birds’ food, so people get tired of them and go them away by using this trick.

Do Squirrels Scared of Owls?

The second bird that can overpower squirrels is the kite. It is a bird species that prey on squirrels like small rodents. They are also predators by nature. These birds have very sharp sight from which they can easily track and attack these small rodents.

Do Squirrels Scared of Kite Bird?

Another predator of squirrels is the sparrowhawk. This bird not only preys on squirrels but only on other small birds. These birds also prey on songbirds.

Do Squirrels Scared of Sparrow hawk?

What Small Birds Do Squirrels Eat?

You also know that there are different squirrel species, each living in its habitat. They eat different types of birds according to their habitat. 

If we talk about grey squirrels, they attack nests and eat bird eggs and fledglings; this is why they are also called nest raiders. But they can also eat adult birds if they get a chance to overpower them, and also they have been watched for eating adult birds. Red squirrels are also known for eating birds. Although, all squirrel species are said to be omnivores. Like gray and red squirrels, ground and tree squirrels are omnivores that eat plants and animals. And so are flying squirrels. They also eat young birds and bird eggs. 

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Almost all species of squirrels prey on young birds and eat bird eggs. Some squirrels, like grey, can eat adult birds whenever they get a chance, but mostly all squirrels steal young birds from the nests.

The common birds included in the squirrel’s diet are juncos, hummingbirds, warblers, and sparrows. They usually don’t eat or attach such birds that are bigger than them; they only eat young ones, bird eggs, and the carcass of a dead bird.

What Small Birds Do Squirrels Eat?

How To Stop Squirrels Eating Bird Food?

Everybody likes squirrels because it entertains them, but some people hate squirrels, including bird feeders or bird lovers who have to make the setting in their gardens for birds. Squirrels often come to parks and eat bird food; they mess up everything because they are such fast animals. They will come, eat bird food, and drive away by messing with everything. These people get angry with squirrels and want to get rid of them, so we will discuss some of the best methods by which they will stop coming to your garden or eating bird food.

The first device that will help you to drive out these squirrels is a slinky. This device does slow them down quite a lot, and you will look at the squirrel’s reaction on day one. If your feeder pole is already set up, this is how to attach the slinky. With some poles, you can remove the hangers to slide the slinky down the pole.

Device number two is a dome, and you will see how they come down from the apple tree onto the dome. The good thing about this dome is you can have it hanging from a tree or put it at the base of a feeder pole. The squirrels arrive via the tall poplar trees, where they can check out the garden from a distance. Follow this method and observe whether the squirrels are coming to your garden. I hope so they will not again come to your garden.

However, if the squirrels start to get past the obstacles, the slinky, and the dome, then adjust them a little bit so simply get another baffle or dome and rig up something above the slinky and have a slinky below the dome or a baffle on this pole. So they will become reluctant to come down this wire.

How To Stop Squirrels Eating Bird Food?

Does Feeding Squirrels a Good Thing?

Feeding the squirrels is not a good thing, particularly in Britain. The grey squirrels from North America are not our native squirrels. These grey squirrels have decimated well, and we don’t want to spend time feeding the grey squirrels. Indeed there are about two to three million of these grey squirrels now in Britain.

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Unfortunately, not only do they out-compete the little red squirrels for food and places to nest – their drays – but they also have pox, a disease that does affect the red squirrels and kills them. So that’s why red squirrels are declining at quite a pace. Red squirrels are now confined to minimal areas of Great Britain: Brownsea Island,  Formby on the Lancashire coast, parts of Wales, The Lake District, and parts of Scotland. So it isn’t easy now if you want to see a red squirrel in Britain.


1- Do squirrels kill baby birds?

Squirrels will not kill baby birds only when there is no food shortage. If there is a food shortage, then they will eat baby birds.

2- Which things can drive squirrels away?

You can scare or drive them away from the scent of garlic and pepper. They also don’t like sweet smells like peppermint.

3- Can squirrels scare birds by visiting our bird feeders?

While visiting our bird feeders, squirrels scare away the birds and eat all the food. If this continues, the birds may not be there again.

4- Can squirrel kills adult birds?

Well, that’s not easy for squirrels. Squirrels can kill baby birds, which they often do, but they can’t overpower adult or big birds. But in unique situations, like if the bird is badly injured, the squirrel can overcome it and eat.

5- Do squirrels raid birds’ nests?

Squirrels often raid bird nests whenever they need to. They only steal baby birds and their eggs.


Squirrels are small and entertaining animals. You can’t say them as natural predators. They only eat young birds and eggs when there is a food shortage. And they put eating birds as their second priority because they first search for their favorite food like nuts, berries, and corn. If they don’t find such food, they may hunt young birds and eggs.

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