Do Squirrels Mate For Life?

Do squirrels mate for life? Well, a few days ago, I watched squirrels chasing each other in my garden. If one female squirrel comes into my garden, other male squirrels also chase her. So I thought to find out some information about their mating system.

Does Squirrel Mate For Life?

No squirrels don’t mate for life. Male squirrels mate and go anywhere, and I also don’t see any male squirrel helping his babies grow. The female squirrel is only the one who cares for her babies and in raising. So the simple is that they don’t mate for life.

Mating Season For Squirrels

The majority of squirrels mate twice per year. Once in the middle of December and February, then once more in Late June by August. Mating in squirrels also varies from species to species, but that is the general mating season for squirrels. 

Squirrels Mating

Pregnant Squirrel

Squirrel Gestation Period

Different squirrel species have different gestation periods. Tree and flying squirrels’ pregnancy period is between 38 and 46 days. African and Tropical squirrel gestation period is up to 65 days. The ground squirrels’ gestation period is around 29 to 31 days. But some species also gestate around one or two months, and some smaller species gestation period is around 38 days.

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Do Males Raise Their Babies?

Male squirrels only mate with female squirrels. They don’t have to raise their babies. After breeding, the male squirrel goes on his way, and the baby squirrels are looked after by their mother. They don’t take responsibility for babies. 

How do Females Attract Male to Mating?

The female heat can attract many male squirrels, even far away from females. Females attract males with their physical attraction system (estrus). Females effuse unique scents and do vocalizations to attract males for mates. So then the male squirrels come closer to females and mate. 

How Male Squirrels Chase Females?

Well, female squirrels can attract males. But when the male dominates the female squirrel, she runs after the mating. Then slowly female attracts the male for a chase. For now, the male follows the female squirrel by her scent, ensuring she is hot to trot for conceive.

Squirrel Chasing

How Many Babies Do Squirrels Have


1- When do squirrels menstruate?

Squirrels usually enter menstruate in March and April. 

2- Do squirrels moans while mating?

Yes, female squirrels moan before and after mating. When females moan, it means that they are ready for mating.

3- What are the moans sound like in squirrels while mating?

Female squirrels make ‘kuks’ and ‘quass’ sound while mating. This is also a signal for male squirrels for sexual intercourse.

4- Do squirrels bleed?

Yes, they bleed twice a year. They experience an estrus period.

6- How long does the estrus period in females last?

In female squirrels, the estrus period lasts about eight hours to one day.

7- How far away does a female squirrel attract a male squirrel?

Females have much heat that can attract around 10 males from 500 meters away. 

8- How long does the mating period in squirrels last?

Almost all squirrels’ mating periods last less than a minute. 


Female squirrels have different abilities to attract males, as you see how they attract males for mating. Male squirrels are always looking for females and are always in chase of females. Females can only mate twice a year, while males mate infinite times. Male squirrels have a capacity for mating around two times per day. So there is no issue for them to mate more than once daily. 

There is also a difference in female squirrels in their gestation period. So every species’ gestation period is different from one other. The gestation period can also depend upon the age and size of a squirrel. But have you ever seen a male squirrel caring for babies? I guess your answer will be mine ‘No’. Mating is only the purpose of a male squirrel. After mating, male squirrels go on their way. On the other hand, females go-to preparation for the growth of their babies. So there is much about squirrels in this blog whether they mate for life or not. If you have read this whole blog I believe that you have gained much information about them.

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