How High Can a Squirrel Jump?

A squirrel is a fast rodent that can jump from one tree to another at once and can climb tree branches very speedily. 

How Far Can They Jump?

It depends upon the specie type. This blog is all about squirrels and how high they can jump. But firstly, we will give a short intro to squirrels, and then we will further discuss them. They live on every continent but not in Australia and Antarctica. A tree squirrel likes to live in the woodland area. Other species, like ground squirrels, prefer grassy habitats, and they dig underground for a living. Around 200 species of squirrel are found on the Earth. Their regular diet includes fungi, seeds, nuts, and fruits. Generally, this depends upon the type, specie, and age of the squirrel.

Eastern Gray Squirrel

Eastern gray squirrel is the most common type of squirrel in the US. It is a medium-sized tree squirrel. Male and female squirrels are the same in size. Their weight is around 400 to 600 g, and their length is approximately 23 to 30 cm. Now, if we talk about their jump distance, they can jump about 9 feet (2.7 meters) at the horizontal. At vertical, they can jump about 4 feet (1.2 meters). According to their size, they can jump pretty well. However, almost all squirrels can jump 20 to 30 times bigger than their size.

How high can a squirrel jumps?

Can You Eat Squirrels?

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How do Squirrels Jump so High?

A squirrel can jump so high, even higher than their size. The reason behind it is that they have powerful hind legs that are much larger than their front limbs. Due to their powerful hind legs can also run 12 miles per hour, which is much faster according to their size. Because of their nimble feet, they can adjust to every surface. Another reason squirrels jump so high is that they are hyper-expandable and have double-jointed ankles in their hind legs. Due to this, squirrels can reverse the direction of their paws. So they can run down to the tree without losing footing. So that’s a pretty cool ability in them that they can run in reverses and forward directions while other animals can’t. 

Squirrel jumping

Why do Squirrels have Bushy Tails?

Gliding Squirrels

This is another ability in squirrels. Gliding is not as fantastic as flying, but squirrels are worth it. It is well-known that squirrels glide from tree to tree to avoid ground predators. They can glide up to 150 to 500 feet through trees. 

How do Squirrels glide?

Squirrels have a furry membrane called a patagium, which connects to their wrists and ankles. So when they jump from one tree to another by spreading their limbs, this loose skin forms a square that looks like gliding. So in this way, they can glide on trees. 

This is an amazing ability in squirrels. If you have looked at them and how they glide on trees, you will appreciate them. They are such amazing rodents with awesome skills. 

Squirrel gliding

Do Squirrels Bite?

Why Squirrels Jumps?

Generally, squirrels have fun jumping from one tree to another. They feel joy while jumping. Another reason for squirrels is that they jump to grab food. Squirrels jump to get food from other squirrels. When some animals, like raccoons, prey on squirrels, they run faster and even jump when the predator comes closer. So this is also a significant reason squirrels jump and stay away from predators. Squirrels accept humans as predators. When they are in the home’s backyard, people often hunt on them and eat. So they may also jump so high, or even they can bite you for their protection.

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So these are the main common reasons why squirrels jump.

Are Squirrels Energetic Enough to Jump so High?

The food they eat for their typical diet is fungi, seeds, fruits, nuts, berries, and pine cones. This diet gives enough energy and carbohydrates to their muscles when needed. 

Moreover, squirrels save energy in their liver from free sugars, using this energy while performing emergency jumping. They can save energy in their liver. So that’s why they don’t even feel tired while jumping because they have already saved energy in their liver and consume it when needed. 

Do Squirrels Jump in Captivity?

Well, yes, they also jump in captivity because jumping is in their nature. Even though they have less space in captivity, they don’t stop jumping and exercising. 

Not just squirrels, you can take a look at other animals, also. If there is a permanent habit in their body or their nature, they do so while in captivity. So they don’t leave the practices that are in their nature, so they jump even in captivity.


1- How far can a squirrel guide?

A squirrel can guide up to 250 feet or more at a height of 60.

2- Can a squirrel fly?

A gliding squirrel can be known as a flying squirrel. They can climb anywhere from 150 to 500 feet.

3- Which animals prey on squirrels?

Common animals that prey on squirrels are coyotes, raccoons, and weasels. 

5- Are squirrels aggressive?

Squirrels are aggressive by nature. But in the wild, if they feel menaced by humans, they may also attack you. 

6- Can squirrels like to be pets?

Well, their babies are pretty and cute but don’t go on their looking. Caring for a baby squirrel is harmful to you and the squirrel.


As you can see how squirrels jump and glide from tree to tree. So they have special and amazing abilities by which they can jump or glide from one tree to another. They are amazing rodents. You have also seen how fastly they jump and glide on the trees without losing footing.

So jumping and gliding are in their nature. They don’t leave them. Because there are also predators of them, and if they don’t jump or run fast, they will be killed by predators. And jumping to catch food from other competitors. So there are many reasons, as we discussed earlier, that they jump for.  

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