Why do Squirrels have Bushy Tails

Squirrels have bushy tails for many reasons. Their tails play an important role in their body. So some reasons we will discuss in this blog how their tails can help them in their daily routine.

Intro to Squirrels

Squirrels are found on almost every continent except Australia and Antarctica. They live in woodland areas like trees and grass. There are up to 200 species of squirrels in the world. They dig into the land like tunnels and live there. They are omnivores, so they feed on seeds, nuts, fungi, fruits, caterpillars, small insects, and even young snakes. 

So here are some of the main functions of the bushy tails of squirrels;

Balancing Purpose

Their fluffy or bushy tails play an important role in their body. Although, its bushy tail help squirrels for balancing in the body. Because when it jumps from one tree to another, its bushy tail helps it to turn quickly. So their bushy tail helps them to keep balance on the tree of branches.

Squirrels bushy tails balancing purpose

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Communication Purpose

Yes, the bushy tail of squirrels helps them communicate purpose. If they see something dangerous, they can alert or warn other squirrels by shaking their tails. So from this, they can send a message to them. It is a very amazing purpose of their tail. 

Squirrels bushy tails communication purpose

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Alarming Purpose

When squirrels even see a predator or any human beings, or something else like animals like snakes, foxes, bobcats, e.t.c. So, what do they do now? They flick their tail to send alert messages to others. So the other squirrels get alerted, which will keep them safe from predators.

Squirrels bushy tails alarming purpose

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Warming Purpose in Winter

You think that how their tails can help warm them. But their tails are indeed helpful for them in winter. For them, this is a built-in blanket to stay warm in winter. So that’s an amazing natural system for them to stay warm because they live in a tunnel-like home under land, so in winter there is much cold in there, so they use their tails for a heating system.

 Warming purpose in winter

Shade Purpose in Summer

As we have previously discussed, their tail keeps them warm in winter. But here is another role of the tail in summer. In summer, if there is raining outside, they can get help from their tail as an umbrella. This is something funny how they use their tails like an umbrella. But that’s true. Their bushy tail gives shade them in rainy weather. So in this way, they can not even get wet. And also for another purpose: if they get wet from rain or something else like water. Their tail acts like a towel also. They wrap their tail around their body so that they dry their body.

Shade purpose in summer

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Does the squirrel’s tail grow back?

Unfortunately No! If their tail is cut off, it can’t grow again.

Why do squirrels have big tails?

Squirrels have big tails because they are helpful for them in winter when they wrap their body with their tail. 

Why don’t some squirrels have a bushy tails?

There is a fungal disease that causes a bad effect on their skin and hair. This skin disease, called ‘Mange‘, is caused by microscopic mites. So because of this disease, they lost their hair, and their tail didn’t look bushy.


Squirrels’ bushy tails play a big role in their habitat. They are incomplete without their bushy tail. And you have also seen how their bushy tails help them in every situation. For shade purposes, warming purposes, and even communicate when the help of their tails. So this is why they have bushy tails

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