How Many Babies Do Squirrels Have?

Many people want to know when and how many babies squirrels have. People wait for the birth of squirrels because the main reason behind it is that they can be seen in urban environments. So people are excited about when they have babies. Squirrels babies are so cute and beautiful. So we will discuss squirrel babies and some other information about them.

When Do They Have Babies?

 Squirrels have mating season twice per year. First in January to February and second in May to June. So they litter an average of around 2 to 4 babies. But they can also litter up to 9 babies at once. Generally, birth timing also depends upon food availability. So this is the normal period for squirrels when they give birth.

How Many Babies do they Litter at once?

Females can give birth to nine babies. But they typically give birth to 3 to 5 babies. Their babies are called kittens, and they are born blind and deaf. But after 3 to 4 weeks, their eyes started to open, and after six weeks, they started looking and exploring out of their nests. Mother squirrel is a very caring mother. She takes care of her babies as a human. Some animals leave their babies in the wild for no reason, but squirrel babies are lucky and have much chance of survival. 

Squirrel small babies

Eastern Grey Squirrel

Eastern grey squirrels give birth twice per year. First in later winter and early spring, and second in July and August. They normally give birth to around 2 to 9 babies. Mother squirrel feeds their babies for about two months because, at this time, they are almost ready to climb trees and explore the world out of their nests. 

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Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels give birth once per year in late winter or early spring. They give birth to around 6 to 8 babies. But females can give birth to approximately 15 babies at once. Then, as usual, the mother squirrel nurses her babies, keeping them warm and feeding them healthy food. She protects her babies from predators. 

Fox Squirrels

Fox squirrels give birth in later February or at the start of March. They give birth to around 2 to 7 babies. Out of seven, only 2 or 4 babies can survive. Then mother squirrel takes care of her babies and feeds them healthy food for better growth. 

American Red Squirrels

American red squirrels give birth to babies in April and August and around 2 to 5 babies. Mother squirrel nursed her babies very well for about two months. After this, they can climb trees. So mother squirrels stop feeding them because they can now raise them independently. 

Squirrel Pregnancy Diet

After the mating period, female squirrel consumes most of their time eating food because she has to stay healthy for the healthy growth of the babies. She also collects food for the incoming season when she gives birth to her babies. So there will be food for their babies to grow fast.

Squirrel Pregnancy Diet

Pregnant Squirrel

Squirrel Gestation Period

Grey and fox squirrel have gestation periods between 38 to 46 days. Conversely, the African squirrel’s gestation period is around 65 days. The ground squirrels’ gestation period is between 29 to 31 days. Some smaller species of squirrels gestate for less than 38 days.

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Litter Weight

American Red Squirrel: Red squirrels give birth to around four kittens. The kitten weighs about 10 to 18 grams.

Eastern Grey Squirrel: Grey squirrels give birth to around 2 to 4 babies. They weigh about 14 to 18 grams. 

Ground Squirrel: Ground squirrels give birth to around 6 to 8 babies. Their babies weigh about 14 to 16 grams. 

Fox Squirrel: Fox squirrels give birth to around 1 to 6 babies. They weigh about 13 to 18 grams. Their babies are born without fur. 

Squirrel litter size

Do Squirrels Mate For Life?

Can you Look After a Baby Squirrel?

Yes, you can look after a baby squirrel. There are a few things you have to keep in your mind. Please don’t feed them solid food until they are not fully able to eat it. You have to provide them with milk for around 7-8 weeks. You can feed them with food when they are grown enough to eat. Here a question appears; how do we provide them with milk? Simple is that you have to fill the milk in a bottle, or you can also use a baby feeder. So it will be easy for you and the baby to drink milk.

Another important thing is that you must keep the baby squirrel warm. A mother squirrel keeps her babies warm, so you also have to. You can warm them by wrapping them with a hot soft towel or by wrapping a towel with a cloth and then putting it in the box where you place the baby squirrel. So the temperature will remain normal.

Look after a baby squirrel

Baby Squirrel Age


There are some interesting facts about squirrel breeding. These are;

  1.  Squirrels can give birth twice per year.
  2. The normal birth period for squirrels is early spring or late summer.
  3. Mother squirrel takes care of her babies for around two months
  4. The tropical squirrel’s gestation period is up to 65 days.
  5. Some species litter 3 to 4 babies, but ground squirrels can litter up to 8 babies. 
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1- What are the small squirrel babies called?

The babies of squirrels are called kittens.

2- Can a squirrel baby survive without her mother?

Babies can’t survive more than one day. Because they want milk, and without their mother, they won’t feed with milk. Young can survive up to 5 days.

3- How long do the babies stay in their nest?

They will leave their nests when they are 12 weeks old. 

4- Can we keep squirrels’ babies warm?

You can also keep them warm by wrapping them with a heating towel. If you want to place them in a box, cover a hot plastic bottle with a towel or any cloth and put it into the baby box. 

5- How can you feed a baby squirrel with milk?

It is better to feed them with a bottle or with a feeder. 


There is a reasonable period for a squirrel to give birth to her babies. Every species have its gestation period and is also litter different—some litter 2 to 4 or some 7 to 8. So there is a variation between species. Some can litter after 65 days or 38 days, depending on the female squirrel’s age, diet, and climate. Their babies are as sensitive as humans. Mother squirrels also feed and take care of their babies like humans. She provides them until they are not properly grown. 

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