What Do Ground Squirrels Eat?

What Do Ground Squirrels Eat? Explained

Ground squirrels eat herbivores’ food, so their regular diet is vegetarian food, grasses, and other herbaceous plants. As the season changes, their diet also changes with the change of season. For intense, when annual plants begin to produce seeds, they change their diet and feed on seeds, grains, and nuts.

Diet of a Squirrel

Squirrels are omnivores and herbivores because they like fruits and vegetarian food. Their vegetarian food includes tree branches, shrubs, stems, roots, shoots, and leaves of trees. In fruit, they like to eat seeds, oranges, berries, fungi, apples, and nuts. Other small vertebrates include carrion, insects, bird eggs, and caterpillars. 

Ground Squirrels Diet

Here are some vegetarian foods and fruits that squirrels eat and like most, like twigs, branches of trees, leaves, shrubs, and also other vertebrates that are included in their diet. So we will discuss all of them briefly.

Twigs and Tree Barks

You can say it is the second choice of a squirrel to eat twigs and barks. Although, they eat several types of vegetarian food. They also like to eat grass forage like shrubs and bushes of plants. Squirrels eat vegetarian diets all day because chewing is their habit. But mainly, they feed on barks in winter. When there is a food shortage, they rely on trees and barks.

Squirrels also dig around the ground to chew the roots of the trees. Ground squirrels are well known for chewing the trees’ roots, shoots, shrubs, and leaves. Green forage is the best food for them, and they like the most. Even if there is plenty of grass forage in your Garden, ground squirrels can surely come to eat them. They will go after anything to eat green forage. So now you can guess how they love to eat green forage. But it can also harm your Garden or yard because they will cut the branches and twigs of the trees, destroying your beautiful Garden.

Squirrels eating twigs and tree barks

Do squirrels eat apples?


Generally, squirrels forage for seed, especially in the summer season. They can easily find roots in forests, parks, and home yards. Ground squirrels usually eat seeds of weed plants and crop staples like wheat and corn. So they are happy if found plenty of sources to eat. If you want to feed them with seeds, make sure you have plenty of them so they can come to your yards to eat them. There can also be harmful to you that squirrels eat seeds. If a farmer harvest crops like wheat and corn, these ground squirrels come to eat cereal and corn. So this will harm the farmer’s crops. They will damage all the crops for which he has made efforts to grow them. So this is a harmful effect of squirrels eating seeds. 

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Ground squirrels eating seeds

Can You Eat Squirrels?

Nut Trees

Ground squirrels also like to eat nuts. They often find nuts in parks, forests, and yards. If you have seen them eating nuts in parks, there is no surprise because they love to eat them. Almost ground squirrels like all types of nuts. A few nuts they mostly like to find on their day are almonds, walnuts, and pistachio. So if these nuts are in your yard, you will see ground squirrels coming to your yard to eat them. And if you shout at them, they will run fast, taking one or more nuts with them. The next day, you will see them on another nut tree in your Garden. So now you can guess their love for nuts. 

Squirrel eating nuts

What Do Wild Squirrels Eat?

Bird Eggs

Ground squirrels also love to eat birds’ eggs. This is delicious food for them; they wait for when birds lay eggs and eat them. So if you have prepared bird nests in your yard, be aware of these ground squirrels because they will come to nests when birds lay eggs. Birds’ eggs are a tasty diet for them. They wait for the time when birds lay eggs, and when there is the right time to eat eggs, they climb trees and eat them. So beware of these squirrels. They will destroy your bird’s nest if you don’t care about this. 

Ground squirrels eating bird eggs

Do Squirrels Bite?

Insects and Small Vertebrates

Insects are the second choice of ground squirrels after seeds, nuts, and eggs. When there is a shortage of corn, wheat, and other vegetarian food in the Garden, they go for insects. They wander here and there for their delicious diets like corn and wheat, and when they don’t find their favorite food, they may collect some insects for eating. Sometimes they also go hunting rats and mice. But when they don’t see such food, they go to find other small vertebrates. Squirrels are so clever, and according to my guess, there is not a single day that the squirrels come without food. They will indeed find the best way to collect the food. They are good hunters, so they quickly find insects to eat, and they don’t worry about their daily diet.

Squirrel eating insects

How Long Do Squirrels Live?

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Undoubtedly, fruits are the favorite food of ground squirrels, and they love them most. Nuts, as we have previously discussed, are their most famous fruits. Other fruits include apples, prunes, peaches, oranges, and apricot. If these fruit trees are in your yards, there is no wonder ground squirrels are there. Because fruits are their priority and they go for searching these fruits early in the day. They grab the fruits from your Garden and eat them. So if you have a beautiful garden at your home and don’t want any disruption, then you should keep these ground squirrels away from your Garden. Otherwise, they will destroy your efforts just in a few days.

Squirrel eating fruits

Why do squirrels have bushy tails?

Are Squirrels harming your Garden? What To Do Now

First, you need to know that the squirrels don’t come to your Garden to do anything. Why they spent the whole day in your Garden? I guess you know the answer to why they come to your Garden. Definitely for collecting the food. If you have read the upper article, you will understand that all they want is in your Garden. They spent their whole day eating. I can understand how these squirrels are destroying your beautiful gardens. If you get tired from all of this and worry about your trees, try these few things;

  1.  Cover your Garden
  2.  Built a squirrel-proof bird feeder
  3.  Place a flashing metal
  4.  Place a motion-sensor sprinkler
  5.  Spread predator urine on every side of your Garden

Try these few things. I hope squirrels will not ever come to your Garden. In this way, your Garden will be every time green and well. And now you don’t have to not worry about the clever squirrels. 

When Do Squirrels Eat Tree Barks?

Well, there is no time for them to eat tree bark. However, there is a situation when squirrels attack the tree bark of your Garden. When they don’t find enough food or a food shortage, they may attack your gardens and start chewing branches of trees. They don’t care about the efforts that you have made to make your Garden beautiful. So when there is a food shortage, they come to your Garden to eat.

How to Trap a Ground Squirrels?

There are so many tricks from which you can trap the squirrel. If the squirrel is a pet in your yard or Garden, it is easy to trap him. You can trap him by giving favorite food and dislocate him from your Garden by relocating him to another location like a park. If your first plan fails, don’t worry; here is the second plan for trapping them. That is, buy a squirrel trapping instrument. But don’t buy that instrument that kills him. Buy that material thing that won’t hurt him, and you easily catch him. After that, you put some favorite squirrels’ food, nuts, and almonds, in the trapping material. This is because they come to get the food, and when they appear on the instrument, the instrument will suddenly trap the squirrel. 

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Trap for squirrels

So these are the few methods to trap squirrels. This looks difficult, but when you try these things, you will indeed trap squirrels. 


1- What do rock squirrels eat?

Rock squirrels generally eat nuts, berries, and other fruits. They eat grass, shrubs, forbs, and flowers in the spring season. 

2- Do ground squirrels hibernate? 

Ground squirrels that hibernate appear in January when the weather gets warm.

3- What is the lifespan of ground squirrels?

The average lifespan of a ground squirrel is around 5 to 6 years. And they can live between 8 to 10 years in captivity.

4- What is the size and weight of a ground squirrel?

Ground squirrels can be measured between 7.2 to 30 inches in height. They weigh around 0.09 pounds to 24 pounds.

5- How high can a ground squirrel jump?

A ground squirrel can jump up to five feet on the ground, even seven feet from a tree. They can also jump up to nine feet from the top of the roof to the ground. 


In this article, we have discussed the whole diet of ground squirrels. We talked about their favorite food and how they get their food in your gardens. So after this, you can say these squirrels are funny and unique. One main thing we learned from this article is that they can do anything for their favorite food. They can go after anything to take their favorite meal. As you also know that they are very clever rodents and so fast. You can’t get bored if these squirrels are always in your gardens. But they are also harmful.

As we have discussed earlier, they can damage your Garden. Because when they don’t find their favorite meal, they come to your Garden and attack your trees, bark, leaves, and birds’ eggs. So you can get tired of them when they do something like that. So we have also discussed the preventions from which you can stay away from these ground squirrels. And we have also talked about the prevention of trapping these squirrels.

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