Pregnant Squirrel

A squirrel’s pregnancy period is around 4 to 6 weeks. Then in late winter or early spring they breed. Usually, some squirrel species are pregnant twice per year. So secondly, they give birth in late September. Female squirrels usually give birth to around 2 to 9 babies at once. 

Squirrel Species Pregnancy Duration

Red Squirrel:

Red squirrel’s pregnancy time duration is around 38 days.

Grey Squirrel:

Grey squirrel’s pregnancy period is around 44 days.

Flying Squirrel:

A flying squirrel’s pregnancy period is around 40 days.

Squirrel Reproduction

Female squirrels give birth once or twice per year. Around the age of 1 year, females have the ability for sexual maturity. The males are always searching for females for mating, so when they catch females, they mate. The pregnancy period is around 45 days. So then they breed in the mid of December or early January. Then secondly, breed in June.  

Signs of Squirrel Pregnancy

1- Belly Button

You can guess a pregnant squirrel by looking at her belly. If you have seen a normal squirrel, they don’t have more prominent belly buttons than the pregnant squirrel, so this is the most common sign in a pregnant squirrel.

2- Prominent Nipples

You can also guess a pregnant squirrel by looking at her nipples, which are more prominent than usual. 

3- Gain in Weight

Suppose you see a squirrel gaining so much weight from their belly that it might be a pregnant squirrel. The body of the pregnant squirrel looks round and circle. So you can guess it from this sign too.

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4- Tail Size

A pregnant squirrel’s tail becomes short in size as compared to a normal squirrel. So this can also be a pregnant squirrel.

These are some common signs found in a pregnant squirrel. If you see all these signs in a squirrel, then it is guaranteed that you are looking at a pregnant squirrel that will give birth after a few days.  

Pregnant squirrel

Do Squirrel Mate For Life?

Pregnant Squirrel Habits

Female squirrels are so caring about their babies. So for their proper birth, they eat more food and drink more. She may also build more nests for giving birth. They become more aggressive than normal. 

How You Feed a Pregnant Squirrel?

You also know that in the wild, they don’t find enough food for the proper growth of their babies. They struggle to find more food. But if you see a pregnant squirrel in your garden and want to feed her, you can give her such food as sunflowers, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. They also need plenty of water during their pregnancy and don’t feed them toxic herbs or anything else that can irritate them. Although, in pregnancy, their diet may depend on what kind of specie it is or at which stage of pregnancy she is. So in this way you can feed her. 

During pregnancy, they also need important minerals and vitamins for the proper growth of their babies, and they have to drink plenty of water for more chances of survival. Feed them freshwater food like walnuts or antlers in hot weather to moderate their body temperature. You can feed them high-calcium food like white oak acorns, broccoli, arugula, and kale. High calcium food is very beneficial for their babies because this develops bones. 

Feeding a pregnant squirrel

Baby Squirrel Age

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Recognizing a Pregnant Squirrel

Well, it can be hard to identify a pregnant squirrel, and also, it’s hard to guess the duration of its pregnancy. But there are some signs of pregnant squirrels that we have also discussed earlier: their body or belly becomes fat, prominent nipples, and visible belly button. So when you see these things in them, you will know that she will give birth to their kittens after some days. 

Recognizing a Pregnant Squirrel

How many babies do squirrels have?


1- Which fruits can we feed to the pregnant squirrel?

You can feed them with different vitamins, fruits, and nuts. This can be better food for them.

2- How many times should a pregnant squirrel be fed?

Feed a pregnant squirrel twice a day in the morning and evening. 

3- Which food should we avoid giving pregnant squirrels?

Do not give them toxic food like avocado and fruit pits because it may have a bad effect on the growth of babies. 

4- Is this harmful for pregnant squirrels not to drink water?

Yes, it is harmful to pregnant squirrels and their babies both. Because if she doesn’t drink much water, her body becomes dehydrated, which can have bad effects on the growth of babies.

5- Why do squirrels find nests in pregnancy?

A mother squirrel has to find an appropriate place to care for her babies, so she finds new nests.

7- What is the age of a squirrel to get pregnant?

Male grey squirrels can breed for around 9 to 11 months or a year. Females can breed at the age of 6 to 8 months.

8- How many times does a female squirrel breed in a lifetime?

A squirrel can live up to almost 10 years, and if we guess an average of 3 babies every year, she will have around 6 to 54 babies in her lifetime.


Pregnant squirrel conditions are the same as human pregnant women as they care for their babies, and how they struggle for the proper growth of their babies that look the same as humans. But I am only talking about their caring, not other things that are the same as pregnant women. A normal pregnant women’s period is around 7 to 9 months, but a pregnant squirrel’s pregnancy period is around 45 days, and they can breed twice a year while humans don’t. So these are some differences between humans and squirrels.

Squirrels have their proper period of mating and gestation. And there are specific months in which they give birth to their babies. But recognizing a pregnant squirrel with a human woman is the same. The signs we recognize as pregnant squirrels also occur in pregnant women.

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